Just friends, the beginning or the end.

this story is a love story between Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and David Henrie, in this fanfic, none of them are famous(yet?) and this takes each of them a long way but they're all confused in the circle and Miley doesn't know how to love.


3. Cut the crap


I looked at him then back over to the girl. He blinked twice and opened his mouth, no words coming out

“What’s wrong? Are you alright?” I spoke the five words as soft as I possible could, gently grabbing hold of his arm, his face was bright red and I started getting worried

“What’s wrong? I don’t know. You tell me.” He spat that out at me as if I was trash, it honestly tore me inside, I mean what the heck? I’ve done nothing wrong, I mean, he’s telling me? I’m not the one who’s out with a girl that I’ve actually never seen before and I’m not getting all worked up over it

“um.. I honestly don’t know what you’re on about babe” I looked over at the girl and back to David, “who’s the girl that you’re here with?”, David froze, it looked like he’s seen a ghost. What? I don’t understand.. is he pissed off that I caught him cheating on him or something, psh, yeah right. I mean, its happened about twice in the past but he promised me that it won’t ever happen again, plus, tonight we’re going out together seeing as it is out 8 month and I don’t think he’d pick today of all days to cheat on me.

“she’s urrh, sh-she’s um, you know.. Crystal?” I lifted up a brow, “oh? Is that so?” I walked over to her, “ hey ‘Crystal’. Um, if you don’t mind me asking, how do you know David?” I emphasised on her name and rolled my eyes at the end of my sentace, honestly, she’s gorgeous and she cut into my thoughts, “um, I got with him today actually, he’s my dad’s friends’ son, why?”  my eyes widened as her words echoed through my head “ you got with him..?” she nodded and smiled, “I mean, as in, bedroom kind of got” she nodded and smirked, “oh.” I walked away not knowing as of what to say, I walked up to Justin, tears filling my eyes, I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket all of a sudden, not bothering to look at the caller ID

“hello?” sorrow getting the best of my tone

“baby, listen, I—“ I cut him off

“first of all, im not your ‘baby’ and second of all, cut the crap and stop being such a dick. I talked to her, and apparently you ‘got’ with her, bedroom kinda got, you know, you’re a fucking dick. I gave you 2 chances and now, now you blew it, I don’t ever want to talk to you again, ever!” I started getting louder as I spoke into the phone and everyone started looking at me, I walked out and waited for Justin by the door, but he just ran after me.


“ Hey Miley, hold up!” I heard his voice shouting over to me, I looked behind, he was walking forward towards me while tears were trailing down my cheeks, I looked down, I felt his arms wrap around me, I just fell loose into his comfort and closed my eyes tightly, trying to speak

“you want me to take you home?” it’s like he read my mind to be honest, I nodded and he carried on hugging me for at least an extra ten seconds. I mean, there was something about Justin that was just so.. soothing. I only just met him today and just the thought of him makes my stomach do cartwheels, of course I mean that in a good way, I don’t know what’s gotten into me, I’ve never acted like this before. 


At last, home sweet, home. 

Justin dropped me off and went home himself, he waited for me to go inside first though, probably to make sure I was safe or something along the same lines I would think. I walked inside, took my shoes off, waved him goodbye and shut the door, “Daddy, I’m home!” I yelled across to the living room, “okay, princess” I ran upstairs to my bedroom, changed into my pyjamas and just fell onto my bed, personally I like it when my bed is next to the window, it make me feel fresh and alive, but then again, that’s just me.

I fell asleep for about an hour and woke up to my phone going off, it was David. “I thought I told you not to call me aga—“ I heard a girls voice coming, it sounded familiar.

“don’t stop, keep going….ugh, yes, that’s right” I pursed my lip and widened my eyes, it sounded like that Crystal girl I saw with him today. Did he call me to tell me that their fucking? Wow. Real mature. I shut the phone off and opened my curtains, I saw that Justin was just staring over to my window, I was a little startled, I mean, you don’t just wake up and open you window to a pair of eyes staring at you, I giggled a little, opening my window and signalled for him to open his, “who glued your eyes to the window?” he laughed “you, maybe?”, I raised my brows “oh, so I was probably sleep walking, forgive me?” he laughed “alright, but next time I’ll get you” he smirked and I couldn’t help myself so I had to let out a garish laugh, he smiled and watched me as I did so, “hey miley?” he shot over from his window causing me to scratch the laughter and listen, “hm?” he rubbed the back of his head and looked up, “can I have your number?”, I halted right there where I was sitting and half smiled, I was a little nervous but butterflies suddenly stratedto fly around in my belly, I nodded, “sure, of course you can” I smiled and nodded shouting out my phone number from my window, he smiled, “seeing as your plans are ruined for tonight, care to let me take you somewhere tomorrow?” I smiled at the thought of Justin and I going out, but I smiled “so like, a date?” he held back a smirk, “if that’s what you want it to then yeah, a date” I giggled “alright, yeah, I like that idea” 


I shut my curtains after saying bye to Justin and went downstairs, watched some T.V. with my dad then after about three hours it was about ten-ish, I decided to head up to bed, I got a text

From: Allison

So the news is that you and David broke up, SPILL!

To: Allison

Ugh, yeah, the asshole, he cheated ONCE AGAIN, I just thought enough is enough and ended it right there, he even fucking called me while he was fucking the bitch he cheated on me with, prick.

From: Allison

REALLY? Nobody, and I mean nobody gets away with hurting my best friend. Watch me fuck him up tomorrow in school. Anyways, talk to the new kid recently?

To: Allison

Actually I have, I showed him arounf the area and then we went out for ice cream together but we didn’t even get to eat it, that’s when I saw David with Crystal, she’s the one he got with. Poor Justin, he had to witness it all; overall he’s such a sweetheart, when I started crying he hugged me, walked me home and then today like, about a couple hours ago, from the window he asked for my number and he’s taking me out for lunch tomorrow, so it’s going pretty good with him

From: Allison

WHAT? You don’t even know the guy, but hey, then again.. he’s is hella cute;) aha, talk tomorrow, sweet dreams, girl.

I put my phone uner my pillow and went to sleep, looking forward to tomorrow, hmm, I wonder how it’ll all go down.


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