Down under and in love~ A beau brooks love story

I have to move all the way to Australia, From America for some stupid job. I hate it. She lives in some stupid town called Melbourne and hate it. That is untill i meets her neighbors. 3 wonderfuly fit guys. Did i mention they were my age and brothers? SCORE


2. The Brooks

Chapter two.

I finally finished unpacking it took about two hours and I was exhausted. I got on twitter and saw all these people talking about one direction, x factor, the usual stuff. I signed off. Nothing exciting ever happens when I'm bored. "EMILY!!! Come here honey!" my dad shouted.i sighed and bounced down the stairs. "Emily, I'm going out. Britney went to get her nails done. While I'm gone I want you to introduce yourself to the 
neighbors." he said walking out the door. Great.  

I walked out my door after my shower and went the the house on my right. It was a ranch style home with a beautiful landscape design. I walked to the door and knocked very quiet. "yes?" some older lady in her 70s? Answered. "Hi! I'm Emily, I just moved in next door!" "Hello dear. Nice to meet you. I'm Betty." "nice to meet you to! Well I have to go, but I'll come back later with my dad if that's alright?" "Sure! I'll have some cookies made by then." I smiled and walked over the the house on the left.

I rang the bell and waited. I heard laughing swearing yelling and loud thuds coming from the house.  But before I could even think of walking away the most beautiful creature answered the door. "Yeah?" He said.
Wow... He is hot. "Hi. Im Emily I just moved in next door." He looked me up and down.  " Heyy, I'm beau.." he said obviously trying to sound "sexy".  "Why don't you come in and meet my family. He said opening the door more. I nodded and walked inside. There was a sitting room with a large couch and there was a women about the age of my dad.  "Mom. This is our neighbor, Emily." "Hi Emily!" she replied looking up at me. "Hi, we just moved in next door." "Well welcome! I'm Gina, Beau Luke and jais mom, Beau go introduce her to your brothers an the boys." Beau walked me into the kitchen. At a table sat 4 amazingly beautiful boys. All around my age. Score! (I say that to much.) they didn't noticed we walked in so beau leaned in and whisperd watch this, he walked over to on of the twins. He tapped him on the holder and when he turned around way pelvic thrusted his face. Okay it sounds dumb but for me to just walk into his house and see that it was pretty damn funny.   Just when the twin was about to yell he saw me and stopped. I wasnt sure if he ran/ crawled over to me, then the other 3 boys followed. "Hello!" they said in unison. "hi...".  "Guys!! Giv her some space god!" beau shouted.   Beau yelled at them some more and showed me around his house. It was big, but not as big as mine :)   We walked into a bedroom and oh my god. It was so messy!!  "I know it's messy." he laughed  "Yeah just a little." we talked for awhile about stupid things, he asked about my life mostly, I told him about my mum, life in America, why we moved, stuff like that. "Okay, I have to say this, your accent is SEXY." He said. "Thanks but it's boring! Yours is cool! I said blushing. "So, Jai and Luke go to the school your going to right?" "Yup! Where do you go?" "Oh I dont, I dropped out. It's not my thing." he said honestly.   It got kinda quiet and then well. Beau leaned in and so did I. I wasnt sure if we would kiss! I had never kissed anyone before!  And plus I barely knew beau. Too late. Beaus lips came crashing into mine. It was amazing. What what was I doing?? I quickly pulled away imedietly missing his lips. What? I can't miss his lips! GAA!  "I should go..." I said awkwardly. I tossed him my phone and he put his number in. I walked out of his room rushed down the stairs said a rushed goodbye to everyone and left.  What just happened. 
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