Down under and in love~ A beau brooks love story

I have to move all the way to Australia, From America for some stupid job. I hate it. She lives in some stupid town called Melbourne and hate it. That is untill i meets her neighbors. 3 wonderfuly fit guys. Did i mention they were my age and brothers? SCORE


1. Down under mate!

Emilys Pov:

"FLIGHT 284 FOR MELBOURNE NOW BOARDING. FLIGHT 284 NOW BOARDING." Some cheery flight attendant bellowed. So its official, Im leaving america. My home. for some hot disgusting place. I boarded the plane alone and texted my dad.

Hey dad just got on the plane, ill call you when i land. :)

He was already there with Britney. Britney was my dads... Hoe. Or as he calls it "girl friend". If you couldnt tell i hate her. She is literally dyed orange because of all her spray tans and has two huge jugs that are fake, not to mention she only likes my father because he is rich. So yeah she is a hoe.  My mom died when i was five, My mom was a commercial manager, she helped with advertising and that kind of stuff, she was in new york for a meeting at the sears tower and was on the top floor when the first plane hit her building, she had called my father and said she couldnt talk very long due to other people calling but she wanted us to know she loved us. While she was talking to us we were also watching the news, My father handed my the phone, "mom?" "HONEY TELL YOUR FATHER I LOVE HIM BE SAFE, DONT FORGET I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU AND I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU, PLEASE..." The line went dead and on the tv, the tower crashed to the ground.

I arrived in melbourne and saw a man holding a sign with my name on it. He lead me to a car that was winding down back roads untill we arrived in Victoria then in Melbourne. We drove up a small driveway to a decent sized house. And that's when I saw him. And him and him. Three of the most beautiful guys in the world.
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