The Second Earth

An impoverished human race should be at the peak of its greatness, but unbeknownst to the Human Empire, it is being spiralled down into a trap of time which they can do nothing about. But, hundred of years in the future, can one rebellion stop the Earth from two terrible fates: disappearing or reliving.


1. The Ancient Prophecy

They were unknown to time. The Prophecy Makers. Unknown to the oldest civilisations in all parts of the universe, to the rulers of great empires throughout the entirety of the universe. And certainly unbeknownst to the human race. Though they were always there throughout history. Making prophecies, predicting uprisings of species, downfalls of empires and resurrections of galaxies. And they were always right. But no one, throughout time and space, believed them when they said that the Human Race would cease to exist.

'Erased from time and a land which is relived and forgotten again' is what The Prophecy said. Planets, solar systems and galaxies all repelled it. The Human Race had risen from the depths of the universe to span an entire Empire in a matter of a few centuries and had suffered many of the consequences. Yet mankind was still naive to the dangers of time. But the civilisations and democracies of the planet fell as it rose.

The humans were young compared to the universe. They had no clue about what existed before they did. How the universe came about. Or why. But no one knew that. Except the Prophecy Makers. No one knew about how important the Human Race really was in our creation. Their creation.

Their downfall.


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