The Second Earth

An impoverished human race should be at the peak of its greatness, but unbeknownst to the Human Empire, it is being spiralled down into a trap of time which they can do nothing about. But, hundred of years in the future, can one rebellion stop the Earth from two terrible fates: disappearing or reliving.


2. Royal Rebellion ~ Avery's POV

"For God's sake Avery, you can't say that for the whole of the galaxy to hear!"  

"Well maybe that was my intention!"

My mother. A typical Royal. More concerned about appearances than feelings. At least she didn't use my full name like she normally does when she's telling me off for embarrassing the family again. Avery Evelyn Ophelia Persephone Mountbatten-Windsor-Beauclerc. What a mouthful. She marched me down the long, straight corridor, her pearl white high-heeled shoes clipping on the marble floor as we passed servants who bowed their heads as we passed. Her naturally pink, shoulder length hair flowed down her matching coat and shimmering, floating white dress: a few strands getting caught on her diamond encrusted broach and hand made Andromedan pearl necklace. "A present from the Palometri leader, hand picked from some galaxy or another" she had told the wife of the Dutch Prime Minister.

"You are British. You do things with dignity; you do not humiliate us like that by stating that you have no desires to rule The Reformed States."

"Britain hasn't existed since 2088. We are now living in the year 2253. And anyway, you're French, I don't see you living up to stereotypes."

"France is now part of the Southern Eurasian Strip. Like you said, we are living in the year 2253."

I hate being wrong almost as much as I hate her being right. I announced in front of the Netherland delegates that I had no desire to rule The Reformed States of the British Empire. Empire is such an old fashioned word. The British monarchy fell in 2088 with my great-great-great grandfather George VIII. And the Empire shall fall with me. I have no desire to rule. To be of no use other than a support figure to a lying politician who can't tell you the names of each of Jupiter's moons or on which planet in our solar system cannot support human life. I have always been interested in history, and from what I have read, nothing in the way of politics has ever changed. I always wanted to be an intergalactic spy. Flushing out criminals all over the Human Empire. That would never happen though.

"Go and join your sisters, I hear that your tutor is ready. He's teaching you 'History from 2039 to the present day'. You excel at that. What a pointless topic though. Nobody wants to know about our past World."

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