The Second Earth

An impoverished human race should be at the peak of its greatness, but unbeknownst to the Human Empire, it is being spiralled down into a trap of time which they can do nothing about. But, hundred of years in the future, can one rebellion stop the Earth from two terrible fates: disappearing or reliving.


4. Family Affair ~ Luca's POV

"And in the year 2022, a NASA telescope lands on the surface of Europa, the sixth closest moon of Jupiter...". I shuffled in my small wooden seat, making a scraping sound as it rubbed across the stone floor. One more month and I would be out of here. Out of school. Out of this planet. My thoughts drifted away from the topic Mr Earl to what I would do when I was away from this World, how I could finally make something out of my family's name...

"Mr Hudson! Focus! When did the Twelve Year Asian War break out? Anyone?"

"2039. By which time the Hao Empire have taken control of most of Asia and...". Cee spoke out from the seat next to me.

"Thank you, Miss Birch."

Cee was always trying to assert her dominance with the teacher. It was true that she actually knew more about our history than they did, but she also had an attitude too. Earl doesn't like her because she's a Hybrid though. That's the same reason he doesn't like me: because of my race. I'm from the American province of the British Empire and living in Northern France. I think that part that Earl hates most is that my grandparents were from the Confederation of Africa though. It's still in the British Commonwealth.

Cee drooped over her side of the desk and started to engrave her name into the wooden desk. Branwyn Birch. She gets very angry when you call her that though. From experience, I have learned to call her by her preferred nickname.

Chuckling over the fond memories of our many disagreements, I was ripped from my thoughts as the school bell rang; signalling the end of the school day. I quickly picked up my bag and waited for Cee to do the same. We exited the class together and walked side by side out of the school gates and down the gravel path, making small talk about our individual days. I knew that I had to tell her sometime. That I was leaving. I had been avoiding the topic for a long time. I didn't want to leave her, she was my best friend. I couldn't take her with me though.

We walked for about half an hour in the brisk winters air until we reached the big oak tree beside which separated my house from hers. I say house, more like shack. The bark was damp from where snow had fallen from the leaves about our heads but aside from that it was relatively snow free. I looked at Cee's face and studied her features. Cee's hair is jet black, apart from the ends which resemble that of a violet. Her skin is pale lilac, apart from an area of her neck: which was a light shade of pink. I made a mental note to ask her about that later, when she noticed me staring.

"What is it?" She asked, and I ran a hand over my short black hair and down to the nape of my neck. I had to tell her eventually, sooner better than later. I plucked up the courage from somewhere in my body. I'm won't be a coward after all.

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