The Second Earth

An impoverished human race should be at the peak of its greatness, but unbeknownst to the Human Empire, it is being spiralled down into a trap of time which they can do nothing about. But, hundred of years in the future, can one rebellion stop the Earth from two terrible fates: disappearing or reliving.


3. English Rose ~ Cee's POV

The incessant ring in my ears is enough to wake even the deepest of sleepers. I motion my hand in front of my alarm clock to stop the ringing and run my hand through my hair. I pull the thin blanket of my body and cross barefooted to the small window a few feet away from my bed. Mattress more like. The wooden panels which  create the walls of my bedroom do nothing to protect my body from the winter cold.Outside, the white snow, untouched by humans but its perfection spoiled by the feet of a wild deer, matches the colour of my own snow white skin. Standing alone amongst the cold, fine, powder like snow was a single purple rose. Ironic really.

I tiptoed across the small room, careful not to wake my sleeping brother across the room, cursing under my breath as I stood on a splintered floor board. I stepped towards the dug-out hole we call our bath, filled with warm, melted snow, stained purple by two purple rose leaves. I threw the tartan blanket across a rail which hung from the ceiling, shed my clothes and stepped into the bath.

It was lukewarm. My father couldn't afford to heat the house. After the Earth's natural energy resources had depleted they had to be sourced from other places. Namely other planets and the moons of Jupiter. Oil prices rocketed after that. Myself, my brother Forest and my father lived here in a tiny shack in the British countryside. Well, it's officially The Reformed States of The British Empire. Up until 2098 it was Northern France. We are only a couple of miles in from the shore actually, father works at the shipping port. The Royal family's French palace isn't that far away either. We live in such poverty whilst they enjoy such wealth.

The purple water soaks my skin a light shade of lilac and dyes the end of my hair a deep violet. Natural for most Hybrids like my brother and father, but just cements our family lie. I'm meant to be half-human, half-Palometri. The government doesn't know that I'm adopted. It's against the law for foreign species to be adopted into human families, or for humans to be adopted into Palometri families. My both of my adopted grandfathers were Palometri. They moved to the Earth from Palazovos and married Earth women. I worry every day that one day my lies will catch up on us. That the destruction that my mother caused in the wake of her leaving father will cause our family pain once more.

As the temperature of the water starts to cool, so I tear myself from my thinking and back into reality. I hoist myself out of the water and pull the blanket from the rail, wrapping it around my body as a towel. Forest is still sleeping so I quietly pick up the clothes that were laid out at the foot of my bed. For the first time in a long time I think about who my real family could be. Probably not that different from this life I suppose. Just not as many lies.

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