Flesh and Blood

In 2020 Britain, Avril is one of the very few humans left. Ravaged by malevolent demons, human Britain is hanging by a thread. A revolution of blood is taking over the world, drop by drop and Avril finds herself at the bleeding heart of it. Filled with hatred yet human desire, she fights for revenge and for everything she's known. Until someone deadly arrives, who is too alike to Avril. Torn by the presence, will she carry on fighting or will she do what so many others have done. Give in?


2. Goodnight


"So how was it round your area?" Adam asked.
All eight and Liza were seated back in the living room, tired after their patrol.
"We caught the one on Moor Street." Zac answered, working his fingers along the sofa arm.
"And Sean dispatched?" 
Zac nodded without looking up at him. 
"So let's round up the figures now," Liza began "A total of 14 demons dispatched this month in our area alone. A decrease of 10 from last month’s figures,"
"What about the other areas?" Adam asked.
"Also all had a decrease. Least decrease was 2 in the docklands and biggest increase was 19 in Oxford." 
There was a pleased murmuring "So it's finally working out, right?" a hopeful voice piped up.
Liza nodded, then absently bit her lip "However, I do have some news."
Zac looked up and grinned "Who cares? Things are finally looking up, we might actually get our place back!"
Avril nudged him and he shut up, gazing at Liza in wait.
"Thank you Zac, but this is very important news. I didn't really think it'd happen but...Matthew De Silva is coming to look over London."
There was stunned silence.                                                                                                                                   Avril spoke up "What?!" 
"You heard me well. He's coming to see what you guys are doing and that's great because he'll see the change you're making and we all need some motivation. Right?"
"But doesn't he realise how dangerous that is?!" Zac spat "Just when we're getting somewhere it's all going to go downhill, and for what? A visit?" He shook his head "Ridiculous."
Amy shrugged "Zac's got a point. What about the kids? It's not like the most sought after Other in the world is going to pass by demon infested London without raising any suspicion." 
Liza held up a finger "Now that's where you're wrong. Matthew's been coming and going for quite some time. No-one really knows what he looks like so he's been able to blend in and  no-one knows where to trace him to. Besides, the reason he's the most sought after is because he's the most powerful, I think he can take care of himself."
Amy shifted uncomfortably "Yeah, but...one drop of blood.."
"I think Liza's right," Avril interjected "It'll boost the morale of everyone all around and it'll help to know just what we're fighting for."
Zac turned on her "But Avril-!"
"She's right Zac. We've still got the powder and the salts and there's enough of us to defend the kids, who knows, he might even give us some tips." Adam said.
Liza ignored Zac's stubborn face "Well, he's coming next week. Others don't really need much catering,"
"But blood." Zac bit.
"They'll supply their own, humane, blood. But please, try and stay on your somewhat decent behaviour."
There was a mutter of agreement then Liza stood.
"Blackout." she ordered. Everyone filed out, bumping shoulders as they made their way to their bedroom. Zac followed Avril as she walked into her bedroom.
"What did you do that for?" he hissed as she pulled down the blinds then pointed at the light switch next to his shoulder. He flicked it off so they were submerged in darkness.
"I spoke my mind." she replied.
"Yes, but you of all people know how dangerous this is. Don't you care about Hex?" Zac accused.
"Of course I care about him." she snapped. "Why are you so worked up anyway?"
He sounded exasperated "An Other, Avril. Possibly two, in a house full of warm bloods, their main source of food. Why do you think?"
"Listen to yourself. Don't you think it's getting a bit to your head?"
He backed away towards the door "Fine. But I'm telling you now, this has the potential to go very seriously wrong." he swung the door shut behind him.
Avril sighed heavily then shook her head to dispell the dull headache rising. She slipped out of her clothes into soft cotton pyjamas and crawled onto her bed. Sitting in the middle, she splayed her hands out and closed her eyes. In a soft voice, she began to sing. 

When I was younger, I always thought,
I could be someone, if I tried enough.
When I was younger, my father said,
Wear a smile, show them respect.
When I was younger, you never said,
When I was older, I'd feel helpless.
When I was younger, you shone the light.
Now that I'm older, it doesn't shine bright.
When I was younger, you always said,
That as I got older, you'd always be there.
I'm singing, 
When I was younger, I used to care,
About everything that my father said.
When I was younger, you even told me,
To show evil the utmost respect.
When I was younger, I never thought,
That when I was older, I'd see you give up.
Now that I'm older, I'll carry the torch.
Just promise you'll stand and be strong.
I'm singing, 
When I was younger I never thought,
When I was younger I never thought,
When I was older, I'd fight your wars.
I'd do it for you, I'll do it for you.
When I was younger.

Her hands clenched during the song, then relaxed as she reached the end note. Her body slumped as if a great weight had just been lifted from her and she crawled under the covers. 
In the dark, she whispered "When I was younger, I wasn't so alone." 

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