Flesh and Blood

In 2020 Britain, Avril is one of the very few humans left. Ravaged by malevolent demons, human Britain is hanging by a thread. A revolution of blood is taking over the world, drop by drop and Avril finds herself at the bleeding heart of it. Filled with hatred yet human desire, she fights for revenge and for everything she's known. Until someone deadly arrives, who is too alike to Avril. Torn by the presence, will she carry on fighting or will she do what so many others have done. Give in?


3. An Arrival


Hex scribbled down on the paper and lifted his pencil up, letting Avril examine the sheet.
"Right?" he asked. 
"Perfect" Avril praised, then pointed on the sheet "Now just do the next 2 questions and we're done." 
5 minutes later, Hex had packed up his school work and was lugging his bag towards the desk. 
"Here, let me." Avril swooped over and lifted the bag with one hand, depositing it on the foot of the desk. 
"What time is Matthew supposed to be here?" Hex asked, climbing into Avril's lap as she sank into the chair.
"07:30" she managed to get out before letting out a jaw breaking yawn. 
"You're tired." Hex announced, snuggling into her. She absent mindedly tangled her fingers in his mop of hair and began to stroke it with her long fingers. 
"I don't think I need to tell you to behave, but be nice, yeah?" 
Hex nodded against her "Is he not nice?"
Avril shifted slightly "I don't know, I've never met him. But we've always got to be polite."
"Yes," he answered "You can sleep, you know."
She chuckled "I know. But half seven's hours away." 
"Do you want me to wake you up in time?"
Avril closed her eyes and leaned back "Yes, please." 

Avril groaned as a numbness spread through her arm. The uncomfort forcing her eyes open, she looked to see her arm pinned against the chair. Moving it slowly, she twisted to look at the clock. Cursing at the time, she stretched and tottered off the chair. Hex was nowhere to be seen and she assumed he was probably helping with the preparations.  The house was quiet though, she realized. Intrigued, she made her way upstairs and through the kitchen towards the living room. She slowed as the room came into view. Zac and Adam were in her line of view, sitting on the sofa, gazing at something in the room. Zac's eyes snapped to hers and he nudged Adam. Adams eyes widened and Zac got up, moving towards her. Avril shrugged out of his grasp and came into the room
"What's going on?"
She took a step back. Everyone from the house was gathered in the room, and two chairs were pulled out to seat two other people. She couldn't stop staring at one of the men. He was looking back at her with a soft look in his striking green eyes. His skin was smooth and his face was framed by cropped shiny black hair. His tall, lithe frame was folded in on itself and shifted forward as she moved back. 
"What the hell is this?" Avril hissed, furious.
Zac broke in "This is Matthew-"
Matthew reached out a hand and she flinched away violently, hurt displaying on his face. 
Liza looked at Avril "Avril, is he your..."
Avril shook her head vigorously "No. No, I don't have a father, I've never had a father." 
"Avril..." Matthew's voice was deep, touched with pain. 
"But you look so...alike." Liza said incredulously, shifting her gaze between the two of them.
"We always have." Matthew said simply.
Avril hastily moved back "No we have not. I don't know who the hell you are." Then turned and ran out to her room. She slammed the door shut and leaned her back against it, sliding onto the floor. Gripping her hair, she pulled lightly at the shock that was settling in. The past came rushing back and she cried out against it. Memories rushed through her mind, slicing her senses, mercilessly forcing her to remember. What seemed like hours later, she collapsed into herself and sank into peace.

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