I am reading a lot of literary pieces to do with the war and i could help but be influenced by what I was reading. Do we ever really try to connect with the attrocities of the time? Or do we try to forget pay it lipservice but really we dont care? Were do you sit on this scale?


2. Leaving Me

I watch you go, watch you leave me alone here

and the tears roll down my cheeks unchecked.

You tell me you’ll come back there is no need to cry

but I can’t stop ‘cause I’m terrified for you, for us.


I lie at night I toss and I turn in the dark, all alone

I look to the sky, to the moon and pray you are safe.

My heart aches in my chest like it’s about to shatter,

I pray you will come safely back to me the way you left.


As I lie there in bed and cry silently at the remote sky,

memories flash before my eyes, happy memories.

Memories of you and me of the times gone by, of history

Just promise me one thing, promise me you won’t die.


You looked so smart, in you army dress when you left,

my heart had been so full of pride it had almost burst.

And as I watch you happily leaving to fight a foreign war

I prayed so hard that you would come safely back to me.


Please don’t ever leave me, don’t leave me alone in this world.

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