Sweet Dreams

Look, my life isn ' t perfect. I get bullied, alot. Fortunatly some dude steps in . . And that 'dude' happens to be . . . .


2. White lips

"Hahaha" LOOK Who decided to show up" shouted Rachel. A cold and tough fist got on with my cheek like a house on fire. Pain swelled up in it. "P-please. . . . I s-swear! ..  I'll do anything ! Just dont take my locket" . .  It blurted out of my mouth. Oh come ON Sarah! I know I shouldn' t of said that! But something deep down my heart , said 'well done'.

My mother died of cancer, and father left when I was born. I wasn't perfect. I was skinny, I didn't eat anything, and guess what? I'm screwed. Apprently i'm classed as a emo, which I own up to being. My mother gave me the locket before she died. "Darling .  . . be strong through the tough times, and smile through the pain, I love you . . ." was her exact words.

"What? WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY ! Damn right i'll take the locket!" Her crowd of barbie dolls was forcing out to laugh, while people gave me dirty looks while walking past. I had cuts all over my face, by my abusive foster father. Gosh he's such a - - - -

I was broke out of my thoughts by a sweaty + smelly hands ripping off a very precious locket. "Please ..  j - just give it back . . ." Tears swelled in my eyes. I knew I shouldn't dare say anything mean , or I would be raw meat. "Poor little didums! Oh well , your dead at lunch . ." I couldn't hold it back. Tears streaming down my face, enough to make a river. My green hair getting tangled up by her yanking it.

But then 'it' happend. I saw glass, smash onto the old wooden floor. I gasped as soon as I realized what it was. "M - my locket . ." I somehow managed to get out. I looked up and Rachel was gone. I just wished this was a bad dream.

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