Sweet Dreams

Look, my life isn ' t perfect. I get bullied, alot. Fortunatly some dude steps in . . And that 'dude' happens to be . . . .


3. Cigarette

Harrys POV

"Good luck, have fun, oh yeah, and no dating" growled Paul as I got into the private taxi. Yes your right. Harry Styles from One Direction. I came to school to finish my last year. Ugh don't moan at me! I HAD to! Apprently it was 'good' for my reputatuion. But what i'm worried about more is the annoying fans. Of course they 'make' us out to like them, but me? Nuh - uh.. Not all!

I grasped the metal handle, pushing it down with regret. Opening the door , and being welcomed by gasps and winks. Oh my - - - I knew this would happen ! Every freaking time !

I nodded at a few people , until I stopped. I saw one of those creepy emo's being pushed up agaisnt a locker, it was sort of funny , they would say , but I on the other hand got really angry.

Sarahs POV

I totally remebereed what Rachel and her barbie gang said. I was so worried, even though I was trying to play it cool. My hand automticially jumped into the pocket of my ripped up old demin jeans.

It wiggled around a - bit before it grabbed a packet of cigarettes. 17 And I smoke ' aye . . . I sort of had my foster - fathers red dull lighter in my locker. Oh shit . . .

I ran down the corriders untill I bumped into a 'I think i'm so cool' sort of dude. He had absoulute horrible brown curls , and a vile grin. "Watch where your going dumbass, or face the consequences" he smirked. Woah , woah , woah ! I mean i'm used to hearing that, but really? By a STRANGER ! I just nodded frightingly while he laughed slyly.

I placed my hand on the floorboreds , while a dirty tacky shoe stepped on it. I moaned and fidgited in pain , while the person just laughed in my face. I slid my hand up and raised it in the air. No , no , NO ! SARAH NO ! Untill it got placed onto a soft , warm cheek. ' The boy ' groaned in pain. "Oh my g o d I didn ' t m--- "

"SAVE IT ! Your dead ! " . . .

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