X factor. Reality show... life choice?

I'm here. I made it. How? Dear lord, don't ask me- I'd be the LAST person to know. But maybe this is my chance. Not to become famous, but to become ME. To become more interesting and well... wild??? Ha! Lacey jane, wild? Hey ho, if it all gos wrong. I'll just blame it on Emma!

Lacey Jane is quiet, mousey and... she thinks... a little bland. When she is swept up in a whirl wind of show biz and scandel. We find out what really goes on in the X factor house... alls fair in love and music.


5. The phone call of doom

the hotel phone rung abruptly at 9:00, "You will be expected at the dining hall at 12:00 we will explain the task then, and please remember this is a TELEVISED event. Any inappropriate behaviour will be unacceptable and shall be cut out. We hope too see you sounding your best." 

no hello.

no bye.

no pleasantries.

those damned butterfly's were coming back. 

Emma dived into the wardrobe. "I'm choosing the outfits!" She pronounced.

"but-" Bex argued. She preferred to be covered up in the clothes she's been wearing since year Seven- to the modern (gorgeous) uncomfortable outfits Emma chooses.

But there's no point arguing with Emma.


why do you think I'm here?

"fine," Bex resigned angrily. She got out her guitar and started thrumming the chords of Eliza Doolittle, Mr medicine. "I need my vitamins- what do you recommend?"  I joined in slowly, not quite sure how to prepare my voice... maybe give it a pep talk??


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