X factor. Reality show... life choice?

I'm here. I made it. How? Dear lord, don't ask me- I'd be the LAST person to know. But maybe this is my chance. Not to become famous, but to become ME. To become more interesting and well... wild??? Ha! Lacey jane, wild? Hey ho, if it all gos wrong. I'll just blame it on Emma!

Lacey Jane is quiet, mousey and... she thinks... a little bland. When she is swept up in a whirl wind of show biz and scandel. We find out what really goes on in the X factor house... alls fair in love and music.


7. Meeting the guys...

Ben. Gorgeous indie guitarist. So what if he couldn't play guitar? He'd always be one too me. sigh.Sweet, funny, text-book, albeit way-out-of-my-league, boyfriend. I wanted him to kiss me in the rain. Write me poems. Sing to me on stage. To be a doting boyfriend

George. blonde, confident, wannabe rock star. Cocky, arrogant player whom I'd read about so much. How he was so irresistible- I could never understand... Now I could. His confidence had an allure that no other boy could capture. I wanted to beat him at his own game. I wanted his to chase me. I wanted to play with fire- just once. Before I'm not young any more.

Dan, shy, mousy Dan. I just wanted to nibble him up. Half Chinese with the loveliest chocolate eyes and caramel skin. His cheekbones that any girl would die for. Then again my cheekbones were higher. I giggled in delight. THREE gorgeous guys. I wanted to convince him to go on fun fair rides with me. To show him the world. To cuddle his sweet loveliness.

Then there was Tye. Part African, part English. His skin was dark and smooth and even under his hoodie I could see bulges from his muscles. His face was hard, but his lips were soft. His emotions cold, but his eyes were burning right through me. Rap, Gangster, Oprah, I don't care! I want to devour his. To kiss him with all my passion. A new part of me was rising up and for once I didn't keep it in check. He seemed like a man. Not a boy- like Ben, George and Dan. He was seventeen. They all were. But him. He was something. They were cute, gorgeous, dangerous.

But Tye- he was down-right sexy. Rippling muscles, men's underwear model sexy. His hair close shaved, he looked as though he could roll out of bed and put any thing on. Then still manage to make every girl swoon. Ugh, the of other girls around him make me shake, jealousy rose up like a fountain. I wanted him to be mine. I wanted him to protect me, to hold me, to kiss me so hard I'd forget everything else. To show  me his soft side. And to maybe.... just maybe, love me.

I now understood what Bex felt like when she said she was falling out-of-control-crazy-in-love with a guy she hardly knew. She felt like this.


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