X factor. Reality show... life choice?

I'm here. I made it. How? Dear lord, don't ask me- I'd be the LAST person to know. But maybe this is my chance. Not to become famous, but to become ME. To become more interesting and well... wild??? Ha! Lacey jane, wild? Hey ho, if it all gos wrong. I'll just blame it on Emma!

Lacey Jane is quiet, mousey and... she thinks... a little bland. When she is swept up in a whirl wind of show biz and scandel. We find out what really goes on in the X factor house... alls fair in love and music.


2. I. we. us.

Us. We’ve been together forever. Nearly. Almost. Well, For as long as I can remember. We met at primary school… then climbed the ladder of age, straight to year ten. Us: That me and Emma, of course. Loud and Quiet. Sporty and academic. Confident and shy. Red head and brunette. Curvy and small. It didn’t matter.

Surprisingly enough. I was the one who made friends with Bex. But you see…

She’s smaller than me.

Smarter than me.

And all of a sudden she was the academic, willowish delicate flower. And Emma? She was still the confident loud one. Me? I don’t know where I fit in…

I had to change in year seven. And fast. Although Bex was small and smart. She was also confident. I felt as though I was getting left behind… far… far… away….

Emma and Bex would never let that happen though. They taught me to be confident. But the roles hadn’t changed.

Emma: Tall, curvy, proud, confident, fiery red head. Loyal and trustworthy. Laugh a minute friend with cat-like green eyes. Once you’ve met her. You’ll never forget her!

Bex: slim, waifish, smart, delicate, pixie-like blonde. Girlish and fun with romantic grey eyes. I can tell her any thing. If a boy doesn’t fall for this girl, then he’s blind.

And finally me: Medium height, medium weight, average knowledge, mouse-like brunette with doe brown eyes. The one people can rely on, can tell secrets too... But never has any secrets of her own. Oh yeah. And I have great cheek bones. The girl with no identity.

Pretty. Sort of.

Smart. Check.

Interesting??? Let me think…

I? I’m the girl with no persona. We? Were just a group of friends. Us? Were Enlightened.

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