X factor. Reality show... life choice?

I'm here. I made it. How? Dear lord, don't ask me- I'd be the LAST person to know. But maybe this is my chance. Not to become famous, but to become ME. To become more interesting and well... wild??? Ha! Lacey jane, wild? Hey ho, if it all gos wrong. I'll just blame it on Emma!

Lacey Jane is quiet, mousey and... she thinks... a little bland. When she is swept up in a whirl wind of show biz and scandel. We find out what really goes on in the X factor house... alls fair in love and music.


3. Going to the house... and not just any house.

Enlightened. Enlightened. Enlightened. Yes. I think I'm beginning to like the sound of it. The way it rolls of the toung, plays in you head. It sounds powerful but subtle. Rich in history… but also new. Empowered, enlightened entwined.

Yes. It doesn’t make me feel sick any more.

Thinking about singing... In front of people.






Was right.

But don’t tell her that...

And maybe



It has something to do…

With the







X factor

A lister


I now share was Emma and Bex… just maybe. I might be. Beginning to. Like. This.

It is massive. The décor was simple but girlish, elegant but floral. Two walls were painted lilac the others were covered in purple and white flower prints. Urban, fun and glossy. Like the type of thing you see in a magazine. Pop art prints hung above each of the three, white framed beds, lined up and spaced out Against the wall. A pot of lavender sat on each of out bed side cabinets and a gorgeous lighted dresser stood proudly next to the biggest wardrobe I have. Ever. Seen. Every thing was minimal but somehow… oh. So. Detailed.

I was timid at first. How did I? Lacey Jane? Come to be in such a BIG place, when I’m such a small person?

I wasn’t the only person intimidated. Bex just stood there. Gawping. Expressing the first sign of emotions since we did the auditions. Since we went home. Since we packed. And came here. Shell shocked. Bex was usually always calm. Grounded. And just a little bit wiser… But today she just seemed surprised and constantly startled. She barely talked.

Emma wouldn’t shut up.

"Oh my dayzzz, is this really happening!!?"

"I can't believe it!!!"

"I knew we would make it"

"Om my daaayzzz- were going to be on TV, AHHHHHEEEEE"

She ran on to one of the three purple, lush beds, and jumped up and down among tiny useless cushions…. That no one needs… but every one wants. Her straiteners, which I think kill her gorgeous curly hair, were already sprawled across the dresser. Her cloths taking up most of the space. And her magazines. Piled. high.

Bex just sat on her bed. And unpacked as little as possible. She was now seating, cross-legged, reading… Her corn flower blonde hair spilling over her book. Her neat brows furrowed in concentration… maybe? Slightly… confused? On how we got here?

Is this really happening?


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