One day

Claire is now 17 and she has no where to go. Her parents split when she was little and left her alone. Each day is a struggle for her until she bumps into One Direction. Is this her new life? What will happen? Read to find out...


4. Perfect night

After Nandos we went back on the trailer. The boys showed me where I could sleep for the night. "Here, you can have the pull out couch" Liam said. I jumped on the couch and was about to fall asleep when I heard Harry come into the kitchen where I was. I was turned over so I couldn't see him but I could tell he was looking at me. He leaned over and kissed my cheek goodnight and then he was gone. I lay awake in my bed thinking of the whole day. I can't believe this really happened. But I was also thinking of Harry. He has been so nice to me and I think he likes me. And the truth is, I like him too. This turned out to be a perfect night.
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