One day

Claire is now 17 and she has no where to go. Her parents split when she was little and left her alone. Each day is a struggle for her until she bumps into One Direction. Is this her new life? What will happen? Read to find out...


2. On the bus

Harry P.O.V


The fans were chasing us to our tour bus when all the sudden we tripped in this girl. I felt really bad because she looked hurt. We all got up when we realized she fainted. "We cant just leave her" i said. "What do we do?" Niall replied. "Take her in the tour bus!" Louis suggested. "Are you guys crazy?!" Liam asked. Zayn picked her up and we went in the tour bus and drove off quickly. 


Claire P.O.V


When i woke up i found 5 faces looking down at me. How did i get here? Wasn't this One Direction?! I must be dreaming....but this was real. "Hello love" Louis said. " did I.." i started. " We are so sorry, we bumped into you and knocked you out. What's your name?" "Im Claire" i said. I felt as if i was going to faint again. "Hello Claire" they all said. I blushed a little. " Sorry we kidnapped you, where do you live? We can take you home." Harry replied. "I..I.. don't have a home. I came here to find a place to sleep, i barley had enough for dinner." I said sadly. I could see Niall's eyes grow bigger. I giggled a little bit. "You can stay with us if you would like" Liam suggested. All of them nodded in agreement. "I couldn't ask for you to do that" i said. "Come on, pleeeasee" Harry said. They all had the cheesiest smiles , i couldn't say no. "Ok fine.." I finally agreed. They all cheered and hugged me. Was this what my new life was going to be? "We need to get to know you better, Claire. Lets go all go out for dinner!" Niall suggested. Next stop, dinner at Nandos.

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