One day

Claire is now 17 and she has no where to go. Her parents split when she was little and left her alone. Each day is a struggle for her until she bumps into One Direction. Is this her new life? What will happen? Read to find out...


5. Is it love?

Claire's P.O.V

I woke up to the poping of bacon and the smell of banana pancakes. Harry was the only one up and was making breakfast for everyone. "Morning love " he said. "Good morning Harry," I started. "About last night.." "I have been thinking too," he started. "I really like you Claire." I blushed. "I like you too Harry." We were holding hands until everyone came in the kitchen and ruined the moment. "Aww" they all said. "Guys, I'm a little busy here" Harry said. They backed away slowly and left the room to play Xbox. "Are we..together?" I asked. " Do you want to be?" he responded. Before I could even give him an answer the boys came in. "Not without us your not. Harry need supervision." Liam said. "Have you guys been spying on us!?" I asked. "Maybe..." Louis said. " So are you guys a couple?" Niall asked. "It's up to Claire." Harry said. They all looked at me, waiting for my answer. "Yes" I said finally. Then we all ate breakfast and all I could think about is my new life with Harry.
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