One day

Claire is now 17 and she has no where to go. Her parents split when she was little and left her alone. Each day is a struggle for her until she bumps into One Direction. Is this her new life? What will happen? Read to find out...


3. Dinner at Nandos

Claire's P.O.V


Nandos was a bit of a ride to get to but i didn't care, getting to know the boys was fun. "So what's your story Claire?" Zayn asked.  "Well, my parents split when i was little and left me all by myself. I have been on my own since then." "Thats so sad" Liam replied. I nodded. "Enough about me, what's up with you guys?" I asked. "Well you probably hear all about us" Liam said. "Harry, Niall, and Zayn are looking for girlfriends.."Louis put in, his eyebrows going up and down. I was turning red, so were they. "I don't think any one of them would want to date me, im nothing special.." i said. Harry's face looked at me curiously. 


Harry's P.O.V


Claire had said she was nothing special. I know i just met her but she is really something to me. I was looking at her beautiful blonde hair and her sparkling blue eyes when i realized i had been staring to long. Niall was taping my shoulder. "Huh..?" i suddenly jumped. "Looks like someone is in love.." Louis said. I could see Claire blushing. "Uhh.. are we there yet?" i asked nervously. Niall was jumping up and down in his seat chanting "Nandos! Nandos!" "We are here!" Louis screeched. We ran out of the tour bus and ordered our meal. I sat next to Claire. She looked over at me and smiled and i smiled back. I reached for her hand under the table and she blushed. The romance was ruined because Niall was eating like a pig. We all laughed. I looked back at Claire and i realized i was still holding her and, and she didn't let go. Was i really falling for Claire and was she falling for me?

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