One day

Claire is now 17 and she has no where to go. Her parents split when she was little and left her alone. Each day is a struggle for her until she bumps into One Direction. Is this her new life? What will happen? Read to find out...


1. Some where to sleep

Claire P.O.V


It was getting dark and all that lit up the street was a dim light. I used my last few bucks to get dinner and now all i could think of is "Where would i sleep?" There was a few trailers down next to a fast food place. I don't think anyone would mind if i sleep there for the night. I climbed over the fence and looked around for any suitable trailer that was open. As i walked over to one i heard loud screams. What was happening? All the sudden some people tripped over me and i landed flat on my face! "Owch!" i screamed. I could feel myself becoming faint and the last thing i heard was "We cant just leave her..." 

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