A thousand possibilities

Falling in love in the most unexpected way is the sweetest thing but breaking up without an explanation is uncalled for.

Jean grew up in London and loved living there but after experiencing an awful break up she decided to leave her home country to put herself back together. After two months, she received an invitation to her sister's wedding. Jean flew back to London unexpectedly falling in love with the best man not knowing he was her ex-boyfriend's mate.

Will it be best to finish the missing pieces in the puzzle or find a new one and start again?


3. There's a problem!


I was happily eating my breakfast when Bob entered the room, “Would you guys like to go for a trip?” Gemma and I looked at Bob like something was wrong “I just thought maybe it would be a good welcome back trip for Jean”

Harry entering the room “That’s a good idea”

I went back to my room and I suddenly remembered my diary. It has been two days since I last saw it and there is a 99% chance that I could not find it anymore but the remaining 1% tells me to hold on. For the mean time, I write my diary entries in a notebook my sister gave me. It’s not the same but this will do. I packed my things and I’m all good to go.

On the way to the beach house I was staring outside the window and thinking, thinking deeply of last night. I glanced at Harry. How could he act so normal? I get chills just thinking that Harry was there for me last night. It’s the most out of the blue thing to do for a person you just met for two days.

I thought, maybe because in a few days my sister is going to become his sister-in-law that’s why he’s so kind to a person like me.

“.....but for you I’d be superhuman” I remembered that line again and butterflies fill my stomach.

We stopped in front of the beach house. I went inside and I was completely speechless. The House is enormous! It has exactly 8 rooms. Four bedrooms, an entertainment room, a library and the last two rooms are maid’s quarters.

Bob and my sister shared one room and Me, Gemma and Harry all got one room each. While unpacking my things I heard a knock. Nobody entered but I heard a voice.

“Do you want to walk by the beach?” I didn’t know who it was so I didn’t answer until I opened the door. I saw Harry leaning beside the door and looking at me. I was again starstrucked. When will I ever get used to seeing this face around me?

“Sure! I’ll just get my phone”

He grabbed my hand and said “Do you honestly think I’m going to let you?” I looked at him. His stare started to burn right through me “this is my only time with you and I don’t want any distractions”

We were walking by the beach and just having a normal conversation with each other. He was telling me stuff about him. My heart wants to listen but my mind chooses to think of something else.

“Hey are you okay? You seem to think a lot for a girl your age” he said. I stopped walking and just sat in the sand. I did not answer him instead I looked at the beautiful scenery in front of us.

“How often do we waste our time wishing we were someone else?” I felt him look at me and immediately held my hand “Do you think it’s destiny for me to be back here?”

He squeezed my hand which urged me to look at him, “People make mistakes Jean and from that, we learn from it.”

I rested my head on his shoulder, “Sometimes I wonder why I have to experience this kind of pain.”

He sighed, “Being hurt is a part of life. It is understandable that we don’t want to get hurt but having the most problems and being able to smile through it is way of showing the world how strong you can be”

From there, it felt like we connected. The two of us were in a different world, there’s no one else but me and Harry. Talking to him relieved my heart and it felt like half of my world fell into place.

We went back to the house and saw the others eating “Where have you been? We were looking all over for you! I cooked scallop dumplings for dinner. Come!”

As soon as I finished eating, I went back to my room and walked towards to the balcony. The fresh breeze of air relieved me more. Harry believed in me. He showed me a strength I never knew I had. There’s something so admirable about him I can’t say what. I’m trying my best not to fall for him but my heart won’t let me. Someone was able to push that person out of my heart and the person who helped me do that is Harry.

I felt Harry enter the room, “You know, without even looking I can tell you’re right behind me”

He pulled me closer to his embrace “If only I have the chance to hold you like this everyday”

With those words, I gave in. I realized I might really be falling for him but there’s one problem, after the marriage he is going to be my brother-in-law.

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