A thousand possibilities

Falling in love in the most unexpected way is the sweetest thing but breaking up without an explanation is uncalled for.

Jean grew up in London and loved living there but after experiencing an awful break up she decided to leave her home country to put herself back together. After two months, she received an invitation to her sister's wedding. Jean flew back to London unexpectedly falling in love with the best man not knowing he was her ex-boyfriend's mate.

Will it be best to finish the missing pieces in the puzzle or find a new one and start again?


14. Regret?


Jean POV

I didn't expect that Harry Edward Styles would have such an impact in my life that everything in school changed. I suddenly became popular. Girls wanted to talk to me and ask for my advice. I actually loved the attention but it got so much worse that even at night I had to listen to girls cry and complain about their lives.

For the past 4 months I have realized that there are people who have experienced much more devastating moments than me and I thought I have the whole world in my shoulders.

“Jean! Are you listening?”

“Huh? What?”

My aunt smirked at me and everyone in the dining table kept quiet. I went up to my room to put my things down. As soon as I got my things settled in, I grabbed my laptop. I used the back door entering the passage up to the roof.

I opened my twitter account and I got a follow from @ihearthjaerarnyrsotdyrliegsuez I laughed and tweeted the follower “@ihearthjaerarnyrsotdyrliegsuez awesome username. I bet you put a lot of thought into that :)"

After a few minutes “@JeanRodriguez haha! Can i ask you a question? What would you do if for example you love someone but you don’t know how to tell that person because things got complicated?”

“@ihearthjaerarnyrsotdyrliegsuez in my point of view, as long as you love a person no matter how hard the situation you’ll always find a way to work things out”

“@JeanRodriguez even if you have to decide between a lover and a friend?”

“@ihearthjaerarnyrsotdyrliegsuez yes”

“@JeanRodriguez will you chose your lover or your friend?”

“@ihearthjaerarnyrsotdyrliegsuez if I choose to be with my lover there’s only one possibility for me and that is pain but if I choose to leave him I can have thousands of possibilities”

Harry POV

Everybody was asleep except for me. I removed my seatbelt and sat comfortably but as soon as the flight attendant passed by me she asked, “Do you need anything sir?” I shook my head.

I tweeted ‘On the way somewhere. Anyone up for #askharry?’ In just seconds my phone beeped nonstop. The first questions I read were hilarious but I ought to answer them.

“No miss @1D4ever. I have not kissed a gay”

“@Liamslave I haven’t tried pooping in a car nor will I ever try it :)”

One girl tweeted, ‘tomorrow is my exam for Statistics and I can’t understand anything @harrystyles’
“Good luck in your exams @1waytoyourheart”

I strolled down for more and I saw this interesting question, "@harrystyles have you been in love?"

“Yes I have @athousandpossibilities”

“@harrystyles do you like someone right now?”

"@athousandpossibilities yes”

“@harrystyles why aren’t you together?”

“@athousandpossibilities i didn’t know how to control the situation”

“@harrystyles have you tried clearing things up with her”

“@athousandpossibilities time won’t let me”

I didn’t want the conversation to go any further because memories flashed through my head and it hurts like fuck! There are a couple of girls who have walked through my hands but only one person flashed through me and that is Jean, Jean Rodriguez. Of all the "moving on" I have done for the past couple of years with different girls I realized that she was the hardest to forget.

"Please fasten your seatbelts we are preparing to land in 5 minutes" 

As soon as we landed the five of us dispersed. Louis was with Eleanor, Liam and Zayn wanted to eat dinner at kfc and Niall went shopping. They offered me to go with them but I preferred to stay at the hotel. On the way to my destination, I was looking at the beautiful lights and buildings that New York has to offer.

I entered our room in the hotel and took the bed beside the large window with a beautiful view of the whole city. I took a snapshot of this with a caption 'Hello New York!' and posted it in twitter. I was admiring the scenery and I couldn't stop reminiscing the moments Jean and I had back in London.

I opened my luggage and grabbed my iPod. I plugged in my earphones and the only thing I heard was my own voice confessing to Jean. I listened to it but after a while I stopped. I couldn't bear to remember that I threw everything we had for one person even if it was Zayn. My phone beeped,

"Haz! It's Gemma. Jean left a scrapbook in my bed but it was adressed to you. I put it in your drawer"

I replied, "Scrapbook? What's it about?"

"Now is the right time to regret giving that letter to her"

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