A thousand possibilities

Falling in love in the most unexpected way is the sweetest thing but breaking up without an explanation is uncalled for.

Jean grew up in London and loved living there but after experiencing an awful break up she decided to leave her home country to put herself back together. After two months, she received an invitation to her sister's wedding. Jean flew back to London unexpectedly falling in love with the best man not knowing he was her ex-boyfriend's mate.

Will it be best to finish the missing pieces in the puzzle or find a new one and start again?


12. Only a memory

Harry POV

I went back to my seat after our song. I smiled when I saw Niall carrying two plates full of food, "Haven't you eaten for like a month?" and everyone laughed but Niall sat and said, "laugh all you want" being with the lads made me forget about Jean even just for a while.

It was 11 in the evening and everyone went home including the newly wed. I grabbed my keys and started walking but my conscience would kill me if I left Jean alone. I looked back and asked, "Will Zayn pick you up?" she nodded and I continued walking "Harry wait! I'll go with you"

I opened the door for her and as soon as she got in I closed the door and walked towards the driver’s seat. I started the engine and drove. There was silence in the air. I wanted to talk to her but my mouth won’t let me.

"Who's the girl?" she asked

"What girl?"

"The girl you were with in the park"

I answered right away, "my girlfriend" After I said those words she just looked outside the window. 

Another silence vibe filled the air but she continued, "Is it true? That everything was part of a bet?"

The word "Yes" made its way out of my mouth. I glanced at her and right on cue I saw her tears falling from her face. She said again, "What we had was all a joke?" I stopped in front of the house.

"What we had? We never had anything" and I laughed. I looked at her and she was staring at me crying, "I remember when you told me 'Don't worry. I'll protect you'. I hanged on to those words, knowing that I was with someone who would take care of me if anything bad happens but it seems that I should be the one protecting myself from a coward like you!" she stormed out of the car and after a while a slam of the door was heard.

My smile slowly faded away. I texted Zayn, "This should be enough" my phone pings, "Thanks mate! I owe you!"

I shoved my head into my hands. I texted Louis and told him I will spend the night in his house. Having fun with Louis playing video games, food fights and having a casual conversation, it was the most relaxing thing I’ve done in weeks

Louis laid in bed and I was sitting in the chair beside it. Louis asked me, "How long are you going to keep this act up?"

I answered, "as long as I can"

"You seem to love her so much"

"too much that I can hurt myself"

Lou patted my back and pointed at the notebook on top of the dresser, "That diary has been with me ever since you told me you liked her. When are you going to give her diary back?"

I reached for it and stared at it long enough that Louis decided to just go to sleep. I still looked at the diary feeling all guilty 'I hope someday she'll understand why I did it'

I messaged Gemma since she didn't show up in the wedding and asked her if I could see her. The minute I read her reply I jumped to my car and went straight to her apartment. I knocked and her big smile warmed my heart. It's so nice to see my sister again. I was telling her what happened and she blurted out, "Are you crazy?" I stepped back but she continued "The minute you choose to do what you really want, it's a different kind of life. I hope you'll be happy on what you did" and she hugged me "If you need any help I'm here" It felt like my sister is all I have. She helped me before with Jean and I thought of something. I looked around and saw her music sheets. She said, "Music speaks when words can't express your feelings" she walked towards her desk, took the sheets and handed them to me, "Write to your hearts content" and smiled.


"Harry wake up! Jean's flight back to the Philippines is today at 9" I looked at Lou and sat up. I grabbed the diary and inserted the music sheet "Can you give her this without Zayn seeing it?" He nodded.


Jean quickly scanned her surroundings probably looking for Harry. When she knew that Harry wasn't here her expression fell but she immediately put on a reassuring smile to not worry the others.

Niall, Liam, Zayn, Emily and Bob hugged her goodbye. When she turned to me with arms ready I hugged her right away and whispered, "I have to give you something before you go. I'll meet you in the waiting area after 20 minutes" and pulled away. She looked at me and nodded. Everyone waved goodbye as we saw her walk towards the counter.

"Go ahead guys. I have to check something. I'll catch up with you in a bit" after everyone left I walked casually inside the airport and sat in the waiting area. I saw Jean and waved at her. Jean walked straight to me and said, "What's so important that you couldn't show everyone?" and she smiled. I took out her diary and her smile got even bigger.

"Where did you get this? I thought I lost it. Thank you so much Lou!" and hugged me. I hugged her back but when she pulled I away I gave her a sorry smile and said "It's not because of me. It's Harry" her smile slowly fade away. "I'm so sorry about you and Harry. I know someday you'll understand him"

Tears started to form in her eyes but she turned around and sighed, "It's sad that everything eventually becomes a memory"
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