A thousand possibilities

Falling in love in the most unexpected way is the sweetest thing but breaking up without an explanation is uncalled for.

Jean grew up in London and loved living there but after experiencing an awful break up she decided to leave her home country to put herself back together. After two months, she received an invitation to her sister's wedding. Jean flew back to London unexpectedly falling in love with the best man not knowing he was her ex-boyfriend's mate.

Will it be best to finish the missing pieces in the puzzle or find a new one and start again?


4. Memories


I woke up a lot early than I’m used to. I went to the balcony and I watched the sunrise. It was completely breathtaking! I went downstairs to check but everyone was still asleep.


I decided to go outside for a walk, just to take a stroll and think things over. I put on my jacket and left a note in the counter ‘be back in a while xx –Jean’

I didn’t know where to go. I was walking without any directions but it calmed me. The feeling of not minding what would happen next is new for me because I usually think before I act but in this case I’m willing to make an exception.

I walked pass a store most probably selling stuff made from shells and pearls and I suddenly remembered the Philippines. I still haven't decided on when I will go back but one thing is for sure, I will not be staying here longer than expected. I have 2 weeks left in London and I plan to make every second of it memorable. Not the dramatic kind of thing but I was hoping to relive the days I was here. To visit the people I missed and the places I used to go.

I was already outside the boundaries of the beach when I saw this park. Me and my ex boyfriend used to visit here. I recalled all the fights we had and it made me laugh but I remembered our laughs and it rendered me speechless. Tears fell from my eyes. I never knew remembering all the happy moments we had would make me cry. I tried stopping the thoughts but it just kept on coming.

I reached for my pocket and I felt a bump inside, it's the necklace. I stared at it and the more I cried. Here it is my weakness, right in front of me.

I grew up fighting for my own battles and I learn from everything I experience but knowing that I have this soft spot in me, it made me realize that even if I try looking strong on the outside I will still be vulnerable on the inside. I tried smiling but it made my heart cry even more. 

Then suddenly, music filled my ears. I looked behind me and I saw Gemma holding the earphones in place and she gave me a sympathetic look. She mouthed, ‘listen to it’ and left.

I was waiting for the music to start but what I heard was Harry's voice on record,

'I didn't want to force you tell me everything about your past but I do know that you've been through a lot. I just want you to know that I’m here for you..........' Then it stopped.

I thought there was another record so I searched for it in the iPod but there is nothing inside it except for that one recording. I removed the earphones and put it in my pocket.

I figured that one way to forget (even just for a while) my problems is to let it all out.

I stood up and shouted, 'how much more do I have to cry so the tears would stop?' I added, 'why am i still holding on to something I know I could no longer have"

I cried even more, "Just when I thought I found someone who can be my knight in shining armor, this necklace reminded me of the person......" slowly my voice lost its strength but I still continued my sentence, "............who used to be it"

After a while, I stopped crying. I sat by the bench not thinking of any problems but thinking of the memories I had with my mom.

“If you feel like giving up or you’re just feeling sad just look in the mirror and say, hold on just a little bit longer” those were the last words my mom told me before she passed away. Witnessing the death of your mother is completely devastating. At first, I didn’t know what to do but as time goes by I learned that all things have an ending.

 I looked up in the skies ‘Are you happy there mom? I miss you so much, I LOVE YOU!’

It was already 3 in the afternoon when I returned to the house. I took a bath, dressed up and looked in the mirror, "just a little bit longer"

I grabbed some food in the refrigerator and watched television. I suddenly got this urge of playing some music so I walked towards the door to the basement where the piano is.

I was slowly making my way down the basement when I saw Harry standing there, smiling.

"I've been waiting for you" holding three roses in his hands

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