A thousand possibilities

Falling in love in the most unexpected way is the sweetest thing but breaking up without an explanation is uncalled for.

Jean grew up in London and loved living there but after experiencing an awful break up she decided to leave her home country to put herself back together. After two months, she received an invitation to her sister's wedding. Jean flew back to London unexpectedly falling in love with the best man not knowing he was her ex-boyfriend's mate.

Will it be best to finish the missing pieces in the puzzle or find a new one and start again?


23. A Thousand Possibilities

Harry POV


I asked, “Goodbye? What do you mean? Where are you going?”

The moment she looked at me my eyes widened in surprise causing me to take a step back. Her eyes are full of forlornness but her smile makes it confusing. Her smile cancels the despair contained in her eyes. A tear fell and I’m more confused as ever. What is happening?

Then suddenly she fell to the floor. I rushed towards her and carried her outside then Bob pulled over in front of the house.

“What happened to her?” he asked as I set Jean down at the back seat.

“We were talking and she just fell” I said while panicking inside. “You’re going to be okay Jean. We’re here”

We got to the hospital after five minutes. I called the nurse and a doctor came rushing towards her. Seeing the doctors checking on her vital signs makes my heart beat faster and faster. She can’t die now. I still have a lot to say to her.

Bob and I waited outside the Emergency Room. I was shaking and Bob was pacing. Clearly, both of us are very nervous. Gemma and Aunt Mae joined us a few minutes later.

“What happened? Is she okay?” Aunt Mae asked

I answered; “we’re still waiting for the doctor’s statement” All of us sat together holding each other’s hand praying for Jean’s recovery. All of the anxiety went away when the doctor came out of the Emergency Room, “Are you the relatives of Jean Rodriguez?”

“I’m her aunt” she answered

“She has brain tumor. It had already affected half of her brain”

Bob answered, “She told us that she was healthy”

The doctor shrugged his shoulder, “We will conduct more tests to confirm how severe the tumor is but for now she needs to rest”

“Can we see her?” Gemma asked

“Yes of course. The anesthesia will subside within 24 - 72 hours” the doctor replied

The nurses transferred Jean to a public room where she shared it with four other people. I can’ let her have this room! It’s small and we hardly have room for breathing. I stepped out of the room infuriated and went to the front desk, “Please transfer Jean Rodriguez to the biggest room you have”

“That will be 15,000 a day sir”

“I don’t care about the expenses just transfer her!” I said while my voice raised a pitch. The nurse in the front desk immediately dialled a number and said to wait for a while.

I returned to the room and saw the assistants transfer Jean to a bed with wheels and rolled her to the elevator. As soon as we reached her room my jaw almost dropped. The private suite room feels like an apartment. It has its own dining area, living room and an extra bed for visitors. I must say the 15,000 I’ll pay each day she’s here isn’t bad enough for this kind of room. It has cream colored wallpapers with small flowers as details on top of the bed. It also has a floor to ceiling window with dark brown drapes.

“How much is the room per day?” Aunt Mae asked, “I’ll pay half”

I replied, “Don’t worry about it Aunt Mae. I can handle the expenses”

Two days have passed and she’s still unconscious. I feel bad for Aunt Mae and Bob because they haven’t left Jean’s room.

After the interview for Heat World the guys and I went straight to the hospital. The five of us agreed to look after Jean since we don’t have any more plans for the day. They brought ice cream, some chips and drinks.

“I bet Jean will wake up as soon as she hears our voices” Niall said

“Is she a robot?” Liam jokingly asked

“Then Harry must have mastered the controls” Zayn joked. We all laughed but it stopped when the nurse was looking straight at us and told us to be quiet.

Inside the room they were looking at Jean. Words won’t come out of their mouths as soon as their eyes laid on her. They felt sympathetic towards me. At first I was angry because they didn’t have to feel that way but I appreciate that they care.

 “Harry we’re going to get something to eat. Do you want anything?” Louis asked

“No thanks”

I held Jean’s hand while I was sitting beside her bed. I felt a squeeze in my hand. I looked at her and she was finally awake. She flashed me her warm smile. I felt relieved to finally see her smile but my eyelids slowly came crashing down.

At that moment I fell asleep but my eyes bolted up when I heard a long beep. I immediately looked at the monitor and pressed the button to call the nurse. I caressed Jean’s hand and held it tightly.

Memories flashed back and a river of tears stream down my eyes, “Stay strong Jean” her grip started to weaken. I looked at her eyes and to my surprise it doesn’t look sad, she’s actually happy. Her eyes slowly closed and her hand slipped through my palm.

A nurse pulled me away and told me to stay out of the room. I called Liam, “You have to get here fast!”

I sent a message to Aunt Mae and Gemma.

The guys came rushing towards me, “what happened?”

I couldn’t say anything but my eyes says it all. Niall and Zayn peeped through the small glass window in the door while Louis and Liam had their hand patting my back. Aunt Mae, Gemma and Bob came after a few minutes.

Right on time the doctor came out of the room, “We did everything we can. I’m sorry”

I felt very frustrated that I grabbed the doctor, “if you did everything she should be alive right now!” Bob pulled me away and instead of punching the doctor I was able to leave a hole in the wall. I fell helplessly to the ground, sobbing.

I looked at them one by one. Aunt Mae and Gemma were crying while Bob was there standing like a zombie. All of us are very overwhelmed by the shocking turn of events. Aunt Mae and Gemma went inside the room before we left. I didn’t want to see her. It would be too painful to see her lying there.

On the way home Bob told us that this morning Jean was in his apartment setting the table. Aunt Mae and Bob find it weird because first, he told us that Jean never sets the table. Second, she only smiled and lastly the time when Bob saw her, Jean and I were already talking in my house. Aunt Mae said, “It must have been a sign that she was going to leave us”

A moment of silence came after a few minutes. I suggested, “Why don’t we stop by at her hotel room and get her things?” they all agreed

We went up to her room and everything was clean. There were no traces of her clothes or any mess in the room. Entering the bedroom, her bed was neatly fixed and her bag, some notes, a music sheet and a recorder are laid on top of it.

“She had already planned everything” Aunt Mae said

Bob opened the note addressed to him

“Since we were kids I had already admired your strength and will to succeed because we don’t have anyone to lean on. We only have each other to live and I’m very thankful to have a brother like you. I love you!

P.S. Love and cherish Gemma okay? You only meet someone like her once in a lifetime”


Gemma opened hers

“Hi Gemma! Thank you for acting like the big sister I’ve always wanted. Take care of my brother. I love you!”


Aunt Mae slowly reached for her note from jean,

“You became a role model and an inspiration to me. You played a big role in who I am today and I’m very thankful for having someone like you in my life. Thank you for taking care of me and my brother. I don’t know if I can ever repay you for everything you’ve done for us. I love you Aunt Mae! Thank you very much!”


Aunt Mae was crying and Bob was there to comfort her. There was no letter for me but I noticed the music sheet, “More Than This” I gave it to her the day she left London. I didn’t complete it but she must have finished it. I took the sheet and the recorder too.

As soon as we reached home I plugged in my earphones


“Hi Harry. It’s me. I just want to let you know that I finished the song you gave me. It took me a long time to put the tone in it and revise some words but I hope you like it”


I’m broken do you hear me? I’m blinded ‘cause you are everything I see

I’m dancin’ alone, I’m praying that your heart will just turn around

And as I walk up to your door my head turns to face the floor ‘cause I can’t look you in the eyes and say

When he opens his arms and holds you close tonight, it just won’t feel right ‘cause I can love you more than this, yeah

When he lays you down I might just die inside it just don’t feel right ‘cause I can love you more than this

If I’m louder would you see me? would you lay down in my arms and rescue me?

‘cause we are the same. You save me, when you leave it’s gone again

And when I see you on the street in his arms I get weak my body fails I’m on my knees, prayin’

When he opens his arms and holds you close tonight, it just won’t feel right ‘cause I can love you more than this, yeah

When he lays you down I might just die inside it just don’t feel right ‘cause I can love you more than this

I’ve never had the words to say but now I’m askin you to stay for a little while inside my arms

And as you close your eyes tonight I pray that you will see the light, that’s shining from the stars above

When he opens his arms and holds you close tonight, it just won’t feel right ‘cause I can love you more than this, yeah

When he lays you down I might just die inside it just don’t feel right ‘cause I can love you more than this


I was crying when the song finished. It deeply touched my heart that I can’t contain my feelings anymore.

I rushed back to the hospital. I wanted to see her. I regret letting go of her but what I regret most is not saying what I really feel.

As I enter the mortuary, I felt scared but I felt worse when I saw one bed in the middle of the room. Slowly approaching the bed, my tears started to fall. I removed the sheets covering her and from there I held her hand and it dawned at me that she really is gone. It was so painful to see her like this.

I looked at her, “I can’t believe I wasted so much time. I hate that we never got the chance to fix the things between us. I still have feelings for you” I sniffed, “I tell myself everyday that I can do better without you but a part of me just won’t let go”

I held her hand tightly, “I wake up every day because of you and now I don’t know how life would be, knowing that we’re not on the same world anymore. Thank you for showing me what I haven’t seen before. You taught me a lot than I ever expected and you made me realize who I really am”

I kissed her on the forehead.

My tears fell nonstop when I finally had to let go of her hand for the last time. I was at the door when I turned around to look at her before I leave, “I LOVE YOU JEAN RODRIGUEZ. I ALWAYS HAVE AND ALWAYS WILL”

I returned to the house after I left the hospital. I didn’t notice that I actually dialled Liam’s number, “hey it’s me”


Liam POV

“What happened to you man?” I asked. He looks drunk, “come on, let’s go upstairs”

I assisted him to the sofa. I grabbed my phone and told them to come over.

All night he told us that he regrets not saying what he wants to. The guys were treating him like a baby patting him in the back but I don’t want to treat him like that. I told myself I would endure it a little longer but his complaints pushed me to my limits. I stood up while the chair was pushed backwards.

“Now what’s wrong with you?” Louis asked

I asked Harry “Why are you crying like a baby? It’s okay to cry but you’re acting like it’s the end of the world"

He looked at me but I continued, “I can’t say that I know how you feel but no matter how hard it is it will pass”

His stare felt like it passed right through me, “I know you can’t forget her that easily but at one point you have to let her go”

He finally responded, “What do you want me to do? Act like nothing happened? She’s very important to me and you know that” He stood up, “I can't forget about Jean!”

“Jean’s dead! Whatever you do she’s not coming back!”

He pushed me to the wall, “You don’t give up on the people you love!”

"You're not the only one who felt pain! You're not the only one who lost someone dear to you. Jean is our friend too! The only difference between you and us is we don't show it" i replied

He pushed me harder against the wall. I can barely breathe with Harry’s force all placed in my throat. Niall and Louis grabbed Harry’s fist before he could punch me, “Haz stop it” Louis said.

“Come on man. He’s like a brother to us” Zayn said.

A few seconds passed and he finally released me and kicked the sofa instead, “I thought I could fix it but I couldn’t” then he broke down into tears again. He sat on floor while his head was resting in his arms.

I crunched down and said, “If you didn’t fight for what you want, don’t cry for what you’ve lost”

After saying it I turned to the boys, “let’s leave him alone to think. He needs time to cool down”


Harry POV


It’s three in the afternoon and we’re all ready for Jean’s funeral.

I was stuck looking at her before they lower her down to her grave. Before they closed the small window that will cover her face, I finally had the strength to send her off with a smile. What Liam told me gave me a sense of relief and newly found courage to face the world with a new perspective.

I’ve been with different girls for a long time but she was the only one who slipped through my hands. Maybe the reason why she was too insecure is because to her, I deserve someone better. Little does she know that someone like her is all I could ask for. She’s gone forever but forever won’t keep me away from her.

Loving someone like Jean isn’t the best decision I made but she is the only one who opened my eyes to a thousand possibilities that changed my life forever.



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