Beth has finally recovered from the incident....or so she thinks but once she meets these 5 boys here world goes under. will it be for better? or for worst? read to find out. 15+ (WARNING SEXUAL SCENES OCCUR)


8. SHIT!

Beth's P.O.V

He went down, and he just laid there with that monster standing there "Did you honestly think you could get rid of me?" he laughed, i pulled out something from the nightstand, that i thought i would never see or touch again but i couldn't take Zack anymore, he hurt Zayn, Me, and The Boys the only people i care about are hurt...he hit Zayn again and came towards me, and i realized it was now or never and i choose NOW.


Liam's P.O.V

I heard shots.....Gun Shots, i didn't see or who pulled the trigger because my eyes were closed, but once i opened them i was shocked, "Beth, give me the gun" i said slowly, she just sat there shocked by her own actions, i walked up to her and took the gun out of her hand and placed it on the ground, i took her hand and hugged her tight.

Harry's P.O.V

Holy Shit! Beth just shot Zack 3 TIMES! WOW! I didn't expect that to happen, i walked over to Beth and Liam, "Liam, give me that" i said he just sat there with Beth in his arms...oh how i wish that was me....No Harry stop it. "Beth? Are you alrite?" i heard a voice from behind me.... it was Niall, she got up and ran into his arms, his Horan hugs always make people feel better, "No" she said weakly, then i forgot about Zayn, "ZAYN!" i screamed and ran up to him, i felt his pulse...Yes, he's not dead! "Zayn can you hear me?" i asked shaking him "Harry?" he questioned, "Hey, buddy" i said, i honestly wanted to cry "Zayn?" i heard Beth call out, "No, Beth you can't see him like this" i said "No, Harry you don't know what I've been thru now let me see him" she said almost crying, "Harry it's okay" Zayn said faintly, i let her pass and she just kept saying "I'm Sorry" over and over again.

Zayn's P.O.V

"I'm Sorry" were the only words |Beth spoke, then all of a sudden she got up and took a sharp knife from the drawer and she spoke "I Love You, Don't forget me" and she stabbed herself, near her heart, "NO!" i screamed but it was to late, Harry just stood there emotionless "Beth, no" i yelled as i held her, i heard sirens and the police came in and took her away, but before they left i told the doctor "Don't let her die, she can't i love her" i said crying and he just nodded and walked away with her " Please god don't let her die" i prayed.

Liam's P.O.V

Beth, just.....she just stabbed....no! Beth is like my sister she can't die, i followed the ambulance to the hospital and rushed right in and i saw Beth and the doctors were just standing there! "Um excuse me but Beth the girl right there is she okay?" i questioned "Do you know her?" "Yes" "Okay listen son, we tried everything but im sorry but she's in a coma". The only word i heard was 'Coma' "Beth's in a coma?" i questioned he just sighed and signed a paper and said "Yes" and walked away, i collapsed on the ground until i felt a hand on my shoulder "Hey Liam? What happened? Where's Beth? Harry said impatiently, i just looked at him with teary eyes and he just stared back at me in tears, then Zayn arrived and starts yelling "Beth? Where are you? BETH?!?!" he yelled "Zayn?" i said "Liam where's Beth?" "She's......um....erm" "Spit it out man" "She's in a coma....OKAY?!" i yelled, it wasn't supposed to come out like that, he just collapsed onto the floor in tears.

Zayn's P.O.V

She's in a coma, no, why? All of the thoughts were running thru my head, "Where is she?" i asked the boys "I don't know" they all said in unison,  "Nurse?" "Yes" she said "Where is Beth?" "Um, room 224 Floor 4" "May we go and see her?" Niall asked the nurse, "Yes" we walked to the elevator and arrived on floor 4 we searched for room 224 and finally arrived i stood at the door "Guys, do you mind if i have a couple of minutes alone with Beth?" i questioned "Yea man, take as long as you need" Louis responded "Thanks" i walked in the room and what laid before me was a lifeless girl with tubes and needles in her mouth and arms, she was so pail it didn't even look anything like Beth, i walked up to her and just stood there dumbfounded. "Beth, i don't know if you can here me but I Love You Beth, and i have since the moment i laid eyes on you, and i know that you have a past but your past makes you who you are and I Love You- i was cut off by her heart monitor beeping really fast, "Nurse" i yelled "Help" the nurse rushed in and kicked me out.... after several minutes of waiting the nurse came out "Is she okay?" i asked demanding the answer "She's fine and she's awake" i ran into her room and yelled once i saw her "BETH" i yelled "Zayn" she said weakly "Zayn, i heard what you said" "Really?" i questioned in dis-belief "Yes, and Zayn?" "Yea?" "I Love You Too" those words lifted me up like a balloon, "Beth?"  "Yes" she said "Don't ever leave me again" i stated "Okay" and i kissed her she was so warm not cold, she was full of life, after are moment i called the boys in the room and Niall gave Beth and I a famous Horan hug....and to be honest it made me feel a little bit better. "Hey Bethy" Louis said "Hey Boo-Bear" "Hey, that's what i say" Harry said making a pout face "Hazza, Bethy can call me Boo-Bear because she has a boo-boo so hush up Haz" Louis said with alot of sass "Fine" Harry said and sat on the chair. "So, when you get out of this place, u should come and live with us yanno since yo and Zayney are together and we are all your brothers" Louis stated "Sure, i'd love to, but only if Zayney wants me to" Beth said with a smile, "Well, i guess u could, but u have to do something for me later" i said with a huge grin on my face, "Sure" she said with an even bigger grin on her face.

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