Beth has finally recovered from the incident....or so she thinks but once she meets these 5 boys here world goes under. will it be for better? or for worst? read to find out. 15+ (WARNING SEXUAL SCENES OCCUR)


4. Please....Don't

Zayn's P.O.V

Yes, she said yes thank god, wait? Where is she? Its been like 15 minutes, i get up and start walking to the door. "Babe? Beth, where are you?" i call out but get no answer....then it all turns black.

Zack's P.O.V

Yes! I finally found her, and she's with a guy? Oh, she is dead and so is he, i told her if i caught her with another guy I'd kill him and her, but she's not going to die, not before we have some fun.

Beth's P.O.V

What happened? Where am i? OMG! ZAYN! I was thinking very hard until i heard a whimper coming from the other side of the room, "Zayn?" i whispered. No response. I tried to move but i was hand-cuffed to the bed i was on, and i was only in a shirt and undies, what happened? The door oped and a strange figure appeared with a grin on his face....Zack. "Morning Beth, did you sleep well?" he said cheerfully, "Where's Zayn" i snapped back "Oh, you mean your little boyfriend? Yeah, we didn't get along that well" he said "What did you do Zack? Where is he?" i started crying "Shhh, Baby don't cry, its okay." he said "Are you crazy, you kidnapped me! And took my boyfriend! And don't you ever call me baby, you sick monster!" i snapped. he walking closer to me and just slapped me right across my face, and spoke with a voice full of anger, "If you yell at me again, i swear, you will regret it very soon!" And with those last words he left.

Zayn's P.O.V

I woke up but felt like shit. Someone called my name but i was to weak to respond. Omg! Beth i tried to get up, then it was total darkness.

Harry's P.O.V

We arrived at Zayn's flat, but no one was there, me and the boys were really scared, but we soon realized we weren't alone. i looked at Louis who noticed a noise as did i, "Louis, did you hear that?" "Yea, i did" he replied, then all i heard was a scream and then blackness.

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