Beth has finally recovered from the incident....or so she thinks but once she meets these 5 boys here world goes under. will it be for better? or for worst? read to find out. 15+ (WARNING SEXUAL SCENES OCCUR)


9. Moving In. But Cut Short.


Beth's P.O.V

I've finally moved in with the boys, and i must say they are messy. I had to clean Zayn's room so i could actually see the floor, but its all clean now, but Harry has been avoiding me all the time....like what did i do to him?! Ugh he's so confusing! "Zayn?" i call out from our bed....yes i said OUR BED "Yeah" i heard him call from the bathroom "Can u come here?" "Ok, gimme a second" he calls, i hear the sink turn on....hope he's brushing his teeth coz ew morning breath, "Okay im hear" he says walking back to our room in only his Calvin Klein boxers....damn...ugh focus "Okay......um....erm" i stuttered "Beth, is something wrong?" he sounded sincere, "Um, well i just wanted to ask u, um, why is Harry avoiding me?" i stated, he sighed "Beth sit down please" "Okay" i sit down and he takes both of my hands in his, "Wait ur not breaking up with me are u?" i was worried "No no no no no, im not breaking up with you Beth I Love You" he hugged me tight "I Love You more" i said and looked up "I doubt that" he said with a chuckle, he leaned in but we were interrupted by a noise at the door i got up and opened the door to find a sneaky Louis on the floor "Um Louis what r u doing?" i said tryin gnot to laugh "Um....erm.......bye" he said and ran off, i went back into the room to find Zayn....asleep on my side of the bed "Zayn!" i said and jumped on him and started jumping around he got up and grabbed my legs and started tickling me, "Zayn? Please stop!" i said laughing "Nope sorry he said with a grin on his face, "Please stop" i said, he got up and took my phone, "Zayn gimme ma phone" i jumped off and landed on the opposite side of the bed "Ooo, pictures" he said scrolling thru my phone "Zayn give it back" i yelled *DING* "Oh, a message" he said, a minute later he dropped the phone on the floor "Zayn?" i said in a panic he just stood there "Look at the message" was all he said, i took my phone and read the message


"You think just because Zack is dead your free? Well think again! Where coming for you Beth, so i'd watch your back! And dont even think about leaving because, WE WILL FIND YOU!"


"Zayn?" i asked "Yeah?" "I have to leave" i started to pack my things "No" his voice cracked "I have to" i stated "Please dont, Beth i cant live without you" a tear fell from his eye, "And i can tlive without you either but i wont let you or the boys get hurt...i cant" i moved to the door but he blocked me "Please, Beth i CAN and WILL protect you" he hugged me, im going to miss his hugs "Goodbye Zayn" and i walked downstairs "Boys come here" they all stood there Harry hugged me "Goodbye Hazza" next was Niall, im going to miss his Horan hugs "Goodbye Nialler" next was Louis "Goodbye Boo-Bear" and last but not least Liam "Goodbye Li-Li" they all stood there in tears, "Guys Zayn will explain everything, i love you guys" they just stood there i moved to the door when Harry stopped me, he's like my brother im going to miss him a lot "Please dont go" he said "I have to your safer without me, Goodbye Haz", we hugged i could feel his tears, i took and glance at everything and walked out the door, i howled a taxi and told him to drive to the nearest hotel i payed the taxi driver and walked into the hotel it was very fancy, i walked to the front desk and a woman stood there.

Desk Lady- Hi, welcome to the Tip Top Hotel, how can i help you?

Me- Um, yes i would like a room.

Desk Lady- Ok, First and Last name.

Me- Elizabeth Mariano.

Desk Lady- Ok. Your room number is 2234 on floor 7.

Me- Thank-you *smiles*

I walked up to the elevator, i kept on looking behind me i have the strangest feeling like im being followed.



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