Beth has finally recovered from the incident....or so she thinks but once she meets these 5 boys here world goes under. will it be for better? or for worst? read to find out. 15+ (WARNING SEXUAL SCENES OCCUR)


3. Love......With a Twist

Beth's P.O.V

Zayn had finally calmed me down, he was so great, how did i get so lucky? With all the things that have happened to me, how in the hell did this happen? I wonder how he feels about me, his mind is  probably doing flips because of everything i told him, i just hope he doesn't leave, because i think I've developed feelings for him, i was lost in my thoughts.

Zayn's P.O.V

"Hey. Beth?" i said quietly "Yes, Zayn" she said softly, god i loved how she said my name, "I know we haven't known each-other for the longest time, but once i laid my eyes on you i knew i had to make you mine, so Elizabeth will you do me the honor in being my girlfriend?" i said very confidently "Omg, Zayn, Yes of course".


Beth's P.O.V

"Omg, Zayn, Yes of course" i said, freaking out, because Zayn Flippin' Malik just asked me to be HIS girlfriend!


"I'll get it babe" i said and gave him a peck on the lips, but he didn't like that, but to bad he'll have to wait....i start walking to the door and opened it....but its not the boys. OMG! I'm dead!

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