Beth has finally recovered from the incident....or so she thinks but once she meets these 5 boys here world goes under. will it be for better? or for worst? read to find out. 15+ (WARNING SEXUAL SCENES OCCUR)


6. I'm Sorry

Beth's P.O.V

He took me upstairs, and he-he, no stop thinking about it, your worthless and nobody cares about you just like he said, but how could i be so cruel to Zayn after all he is my boyfriend, now Zack has him in a separate room then ours. I fear for Zayn's life, and it's all my fault, i hope Zayn can forgive me.

Harry's P.O.V

How could Beth just sit there and say that to Zayn? But with all the things that have happened to her i don't really blame her, to want to be alone, but Zack took Zayn into a room, what is Zack gonna do to Zayn?

Zayn's P.O.V

I woke up....in a chair....tied up. Whats Zack gonna do to me? How could he be such a monster? Something snapped me back to reality, when i heard a harsh voice "Are you dating her?" he asked me rudely, "What are you talking about?" i questioned "Are you dating MY Beth?!?" he said with rage, "Yes, and she isn't YOUR Beth.....she's mine" i stated, he laughed "Well, i guess were just going to have to change that", then he walked over to me and punched me right across the face, and another and another, he just wouldn't stop but i managed to speak "Why. Don't. You. Fight. Like. A. Man. And. Let. Me. Go.???" "Okay, fine." he let me go and we both stood there, when he spoke "Make your move pretty boy", he snarled at me, "Oh, i will don't you worry about that, you should just be worrying about yourself" i snarled back, he then took one step towards me and i took one step towards him, he thru a punch at me but i dodged it, i thru one right back at him, hit him right in the jaw and he went down.

Beth's P.O.V

i heard a thud, then the door opened and i didn't expect it to he him, Zayn came out with his head and face bleeding and he was badly bruised, "Zayn?" i called in dis-belief thinking that my eyes were playing tricks on me then all of a sudden..... 

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