Beth has finally recovered from the incident....or so she thinks but once she meets these 5 boys here world goes under. will it be for better? or for worst? read to find out. 15+ (WARNING SEXUAL SCENES OCCUR)


11. "I Cant" "But You Must"

Zayn's P.O.V

She opened the door and.....she's holding a lamp? and crying....my gurl is crying, "Beth?" she didnt answer she just stood there, the lamp fell onto the floor and she fell backwards....it all happened so fast she hit the floor like a bomb, me and Louis rushed to her side and kept trying to wake her "Beth? BETH! Please wake up!" i yelled Louis went to go get a towel, he came back and put it on her fore-head. i couldnt think straight.

Louis's P.O.V

She came out....with a lamp? *Gasp* she's crying, oh my little Bethy i feels so bad for her, but i kinda know what shes going thru i guess. a loud bang knocks me out of my train of thought, SHIT beth fell wait no....fainted? i dont know, i ran to the kitchen and got a wet towel and came back and put it on her forehead, while zayn was just holding her hand whispering "please come back" over and over again. i hope bethy is okay, i really miss her, and i need to talk to her about Eleanor, she'll be really upset but i know she'll understand my reason for leaving her COZ SHE CHEATED, SHE'S A SLOPPY CHEATER (dont have anything against eleanor. love her!) OK louis calm down, i was pulled out of my thoughts when i heard a cough, "beth?" i questioned "W-who's there?" she studdered "its me beth, its louis" i said walking to her since she was huddled up in the corner "beth, its okay, its just me" i said walking towards her "Louis" she said looking at me, i sat beside her and put and arm around her she snuggled into me and crying, i felt bad for her "Louis you have to leave" she said looking back at me "But zayn, hes a mess without you, you have to come home....to your family" i said "I-I cant" she studdered "But you must" i said "But you guys...the text...zayn" she his her face in her hands "we can and will protect you bethy" i said quietly.

Beth's P.O.V

i woke and ran to the corner of the room and crying...my head really hurts. i heard someone coming and i crying more, i saw zayn....omg what happened? i cried more, someone called my name "Beth?" "W-whos there?" i studdered "Its me beth...its louis" oh thank god "Its okay..its just me" i cried more thinking about how they can get hurt "Louis" they have to leave i wont put them in danger "Louis you have to leave" i stated and looked up at him "But zayn hes a mess without you....you need to come home....to your family" he said looking up at me "I cant" i said "But you must" he said back "But you guys.....the text.....zayn" i studdered "We can and will protect you bethy" he said quietly i just sat there and thought about everything that has happened and drifted off to a deep sleep.

Harry's P.O.V

"Guys, have you seen Louis or Zayn?" i questioned the boy, "I dont know" said Niall and Liam @ the same time, "Okay, should we look for them?" i asked Liam because Niall went up stairs "Im not sure mate, they probably just went out to get there minds off of things" he said and left, well i guess its time to sleep.

Zayn's P.O.V

I fell asleep thinking about Beth, i woke up and i was.....alone. Where's Beth? Where's Louis? "Beth, Louis where are you?" i get up and check the clock on the wall it reads 1:30am woah! thats early, i got up and walked tot he bathroom, as im walking i see the bedroom door open so i go and check i walk in and see Beth asleep on the bed and Louis asleep on the floor, Beth looks so fragile and innocent when shes asleep, Louis just looks like a 5-year old, i have the huge urge to pinch his cheeks but i choose not to because its been a ruff couple of weeks i go to the bathroom and do my business and walk into the guest room and instantly fall asleep, i hope beth comes back home with us, i miss her so much.



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