Beth has finally recovered from the incident....or so she thinks but once she meets these 5 boys here world goes under. will it be for better? or for worst? read to find out. 15+ (WARNING SEXUAL SCENES OCCUR)


1. Accident



It was my first day bad since…..the incident happened. As I was walking down the hall I saw 5 strange looking boys walking towards me, they were ALL good looking. But I knew that with the incident that happened I wouldn’t be able to come face-to-face with ANY of them. They all saw me but one caught my attention, he had beautiful black hair with a blonde streak, and his eyes OMG don’t even get me started on his eyes, as I was smiling to myself like an idiot for what seemed like ages but was really like 2 minutes, I was snapped out of it when my ass started hurting, and I soon realized I was on the floor, with 5 strangers starring down at me like I was an alien from outer-space. One of then finally broke the awkward silence between us saying “Hey, are you alright?” “Yeah, I’m fine…I think”. A blonde boy with piercing blue eyes lent out his hand to me and I took it.

I try standing up but I can’t seem to move my left leg and its scaring me a little bit, I start hopping and finally say “Um… I can’t seem to move my left leg” then all of a sudden I hear a bunch of ‘OMG-ies’ and ‘Awe’s’ from 2 of the boys and I say awkwardly “Um…Who are you guys?”. Then the one with the brown hair swept to the side with suspenders on said “Oh, well my name is Louis…. Louis Tomlinson said Louis then the blonde one spoke “I’m Niall….Niall Horan” then the one with curly hair said “I'm Harry Styles” then the one with the blondish/brownish hair said “I'm Liam…Liam Payne” then there was only one left and he was the one I had been eying this morning before I fell on my ass, he seemed really shy and mysterious, but he spoke finally bringing me out of my train of thought “And I’m…ah…erm…Zayn…Malik”. “My Name is Elizabeth, but you can call me Beth, well it was nice meeting you all but you see I cant move my leg so im going to…erm.. You know get it checked out. “Let us take you; it’s the least we can do” “Oh! No, its fine I wouldn’t want to be an intruder” I stated “Love, its fine, lets go” said Harry, but before I could say anything Liam scooped me up bridal style and I jumped, I haven’t even spoken to a guy is over 3 months! How could this be happening to me?!?! “Um..Liam..Please, put me down. NOW! I yelled "Um...but you cant walk" he said "Yes, i can now let me down" i started crying because i couldn't get them in danger, it would be all my fault.


"Listen Elizabeth if i ever...EVER, see you with another guy, i WILL kill them and make you watch and suffer, DO YOU HEAR ME?!?!" he said, i couldn't even say his name without crying. "I SAID DO YOU HEAR ME?!!" "Yes, i hear you" i said weakly, "Good" he replied and left, i was left stranded there for what felt like forever. He finally came back...but there was no talking he just beat me for what felt like hours, but i couldn't fight back...no that would just make it worse, i had blood coming down my mouth and nose and bruises on my legs, stomach arms and face, he left again and all i could do was cry.

<End of Flash-back>

"BETH!? Hellooo?!?" all the boys said in unison, "What?!" i said...it was silent. As soon as they looked at me i started to running. It hurt a lot because of my leg, but i needed to stay away from them for like, ever. i finally stopped running and i had no idea where i was i couldn't run anymore, i heard noises behind me but i didn't care....not until a pair of hands touched my shoulders, i flinched and jumped up....to my surprise it was just Zayn. "What are you doing here?" i asked "I...um...erm..just wanted to make sure you were all right" he said, i sat down and started crying again, and i couldn't stop. "Beth, why are you crying?" he said sweetly "I..i..i cant say" i said trying to clam down, he sighed and didn't push it but i knew he would ask me again. he turned to look at me and i turned to face him as well, he just stared at me as did i to him. a strand of hair fell onto my face, and he slowly moved it away. i smiled and blushed and looked down, he chuckled and spoke, "You don't know your beautiful" "Because im not" i stated "Beth, your very beautiful" he said "Really?" i asked in disbelief "Yes, you are" he smiled "Beth?" he questioned "Yes, Zayn?" "Please, tell me why you were crying?".

Damn it, i thought. "Can we go somewhere else?" i asked politely "Yea, we can go back to my flat? if that's alright with you?" "Yea, it fine" i said, just as i was about to get up i remembered i couldn't walk. "Shit" i mumbled "Whats wrong?" he said worryingly "I just remembered i cant walk" i said looking down, "Come here" he said with a huge grin on his face, i hopped over and he lifted me up bridal style and i felt...comfortable? safe? yea safe. We soon arrived at his flat and he sat on the couch with me still on his lap, he broke the comfortable silence between us "Please tell me now, Beth" he said "Well, it all started last year when i was going out with this guy.....Zack. We dated for a couple of months until he started acting weird, he wouldn't let me see my friends or family, and when i went to break up with him, he....he." I couldn't say anymore before i started crying. "Shhh, babe its okay shhh. He comforted me, but my tears couldn't stop. "Zayn, he hurt me, he took me away and abused me and he...he..r-r-raped me for 3months! i said crying he just sat there dumbfounded "Zayn? Please say something." i pleaded "I'm gonna kill him" he spoke, i was shocked and relived, would he actually kill someone for me?

Zayn's P.O.V

"I'm gonna kill him" was all i could say, how could someone do that to a fragile person like Beth, i had so much rage towards this guy...Zack. His name made me want to puke. I had just meet this girl and i already love her.....i swear if i ever meet this Zack guy i will personally kill him myself, even if i means going to jail for the rest of my life, i know that Beth will be safe.

Harry's P.O.V

Wow, Beth is amaZAYN i thought to myself, i know that Zayn fancy's her, so i must keep my feelings a secret. `Hey Hazza` Niall said knocking me out of my thoughts. `Oh, hey Nialler``Are you alright Hazz? You seem down" "Oh, im fine, just thinking" "Oh, what about?" "Niall, can you keep a secret?" "Yea, sure" he said convincingly "I like....Beth...a lot" "Hazza, you know Zayn fancies her though" "Yes, i know that's why i need you to keep it a secret, okay?" "Yes, i promise" "Good, let's go back", and with that we went downstairs to the rest of the boys.

Liam's P.O.V

Wow Beth scared me when she told me to put her down, i was shocked really, but there was something wrong. her words said "Leave me alone" but her eyes said "Save me", i need to find out what's wrong with her.


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