You can't control love

Not writing this movella anymore..


7. Chapter 7

Brooke's POV

I couldn't believe it, he has a girlfriend. Just when I was going to tell him how I felt about him, he told me he had a girlfriend. Why is my life so terrible! I love him, can't he see that?
I ran home and ran straight up the stairs avoiding the questions I was receiving from Harry and Niall. I wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone, I just wanted to be by myself.

I changed my clothes, into some pajama bottoms and an old top and got into bed. Just as I was about to fall asleep there was a knock at my bedroom door.

''Who is it?'' I mumble

''Us, can we come in?''  I didn't answer knowing it was Harry and Niall and that they would come in anyway.  ''You okay Bobblehead?'' Harry said using the nickname he had given me when we were younger.

''I'm fine thanks'' I said with my back to them staring at my wall

''Brooke what's wrong?''

''Nothing. I'm fine I said''

''Want a drink? I bought some strawberry milkshake if you want some? I know it's your favorite'' Harry said, I nodded, with that he left leaving me alone with Niall.

''You sure you're okay? You don't seem yourself, you know you can tell me anything'' I turned to face him and explained everything about Liam. He frowned ''Maybe he isn't the one for you.. You know, I still love you. Couldn't you give me a chance? Please?'' He said pouting, I thought about it, maybe I should? But he's my bestfriend, I can't.

''Nialler, I'm sorry but you're my bestfriend and I don't see you as anything more. I'm sure you'll find the right girl some day.''

''Okay.'' He said frowning and walked out of my room. I felt guilty, but i really couldn't picture us together.

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