You can't control love

Not writing this movella anymore..


6. Chapter 6

Liam's POV

She's beautiful. Just like I remember.. But I've moved on, I have a girlfriend. Brooke was only ever my bestfriend. I've moved on.

''Why don't we all go bowling? To get to know eachother?'' Zayn suggested, we all agreed and off we went. I put on a jumper and we went and got in the car.

Zayn and Louis sat in the back of the car, Harry and Niall in the middle, and I drove with Brooke next to me. ''So how's life Liam?'' She said started conversation  ''Great actually, how about you? We have a lot of catching up to do huh?'' ''We sure do! Life's good thanks''

We arrived at the bowling ally and got into teams. Me, Zayn and Louis vs Harry, Niall and Brooke. Niall wouldn't let Brooke leave his side since we got here. I must admit, I was jealous. I haven't seen her for 7 years and I just wanted the chance to speak to her. I can find time later though I suppose.

Brooke's POV

We had an amazing time bowling. I got to know each of the boys really well.

''Me and Brooke best be going home anyway.'' Harry said when we arrived at Liam's house, because he drove.

''Oh. Bye!'' All the others shouted to us from different areas of Liam's home.

''I'm coming with you.'' Niall said due to him living down the road from me and Harry.

''Bye everyone!''

The next day               Brooke's POV

I woke up at turned my body over to look at the clock. 8:45.

I walked to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and put my hair into a messy bun then walked to my walk-in-wardrobe. I picked out some light blue short shorts with a black tank top and put them on.

I ran down the stairs to be greeted by Niall and Harry who were sat in the living area singing a song I didn't recognise.

''Morning. What you singing?'' I said

''Morning Brooke, we wrote it ourselves.'' Harry replied. I nodded and walked to the ktchen to get a drink of orange juice.

*Text from Liam.  To Brooke.

Hey Brooke, was wondering if you wanted to come round to my house? For a catch up?*

*Text from Brooke.  To Liam.

Sure, be round in 20.*

I smiled to myself and walked back to Harry and Niall. ''I'm going to Liam's. Bye guys!'' They waved and I slipped on some navy toms and walked out of the door to Liam's.

2 hours later   Liam's POV

Me and Brooke have been talking for ages now, just about the past few years and things.

''I have a girlfriend! Her name's Emily.'' I told her, I saw a mix of emotions wash over her face, from sadness, to anger, to a fake smile. But why was it fake? I could tell it was fake, it wasn't a real one, no..  ''That's great Liam. I'm sure she's amazing. Now I best be going, my Auntie Rose will be worried. Bye!''

She left me asking questions to myself..

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