You can't control love

Not writing this movella anymore..


5. Chapter 5

Brooke's POV

When I got home I ran up the stairs not speaking to anyone on my way. I took a shower and slipped on one of Niall's old tops which he had left at my house once with my sweats. I jumped into bed and curled up to go to sleep thinking about Niall and how happy I was to be friends with him again.


'Today is gonna be the day that they're gonna throw it back to you. By now you should have somehow realized what you gotta do' My alarm sang my favorite song Wonderwall by Oasis. I stretched my body and yawned, jumping out of bed. I put on some short shorts and a purple v-neck shirt and ran down the stairs for breakfast.

''Morning Brooke'' Harry shouted at me.

''Good morning, someone's happy huh?''

''I'm meeting with the band and Simon today! Do you wanna come? I could introduce you to the other lads?''

''Sure? If you don't mind I mean!''

An hour later and me and Harry were walking down some corridors to a large sitting room to meet the rest of the band.

''I'M HUNGRY!'' I heard someone shout, I immediately recognized the voice and ran to where it came from. ''Niall!'' I shouted to him. ''Brooke!'' I saw 3 other boys at the other side of the room staring at me with a confused look on their faces. ''Hello'' I waved to them. ''Hi..'' A dark brown haired boy with brown eyes started ''I'm Zayn'' he said. ''HEY. DO YOU LIKE CARROTS?'' Another brown haired boy with blue eyes said. ''Hello Louis'' I replied ''How do you know my name?'' ''Harry told me about you.'' Louis looked to Harry who was standing behind me and ran up to him and hugged him. We all laughed. Then another boy walked up to me ''I'm Liam. Nice to meet you.'' He said holding out his hand. I shaked his hand and said ''I'm Brooke!'' Wait. I know him from somewhere. I recognise him.. He's.. Liam.. The one I left in England. ''Liam.. Is your last name Payne?'' ''Yeah, why?'' ''I know you.. I'm Brooke! Don't you remember me? You were my bestfriend..'' ''I thought I recognized you and Harry! Wow, hey Brooke! Long time no see huh?'' I just nodded my head smiling. I have the chance to tell him how I feel. That I love him. How much I've missed him. But, what if he's changed? I might not love him anymore..

''Guys, this is my sister Brooke anyway, I thought I'd bring her to meet you. But Niall already knows her'' Harry said.

''How does Niall know her then?'' Louis mumbled while eating a carrot

''Um, long story short they're bestfriends''   ''They're bestfriends?'' Liam said  ''Err, yeah..'' Harry replied


So.. I hope to those of you reading this are enjoying it so far and it means a lot that you are reading it. I would really appreciate you commenting your honest opinions! :)

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