You can't control love

Not writing this movella anymore..


4. Chapter 4

Harrys POV

''Harry!'' Brooke shouted at me as I walked through the front door. ''Hello!'' I said grinning widely.

''How did it go?''

''Well, I didn't get through by myself'' Brooke's smile automatically faded ''BUT.. I got through in a band!''

''Really?!'' She shouted at me

''Yeah! Niall's in the band too..'' I mumbled the last part.

''Oh.. But, he is a really good singer, just like you!'' she smiled at me

''I think I need to apologize to him.. For everything. After all, I'm in a band with him now''

''Yeah! Go round to his house now? Ill come with you. I need to talk to him anyway..'' Brooke said

Nialls POV

''Well done Niall! I'm proud of you son'' My Dad said. If only he new I don't get on well with one of my band member..


''Ill get the door..'' I said to my parents. I opened it and I saw the 2 people I was least expecting to see. Harry and Brooke.

''Hello'' They both said neither of them making eye contact with me.

''Hi..'' I replied awkwardly

''Look, I just want to say sorry. For everything Niall. And, we're in a band together now, so lets just forget the past yeah?'' Harry said, I was shocked but I was expecting it some time.

''Yeah that's fine, I'm sorry too.''

''Good, I'll see you tomorrow when we go to see Simon for the meeting anyway. Bye!'' He waved, turning on his heel leaving me alone with Brooke.

''You alright?'' She was first to speak.

''Yeah I'm good thanks''

''Well done, for The X Factor you know.. And I'm sorry for the past few weeks, I should have come to talk to you sooner''

''Oh it's fine!'' I was glad we would be talking again, I've missed her these past 2 weeks terribly. She came stepped forward and hugged me, I hugged her back tighter than ever

''Niall. I can't breathe!'' Brooke said.

''Oh, sorry! I've just really missed you.''

''I best be going, I'll see you soon, bye!''

I said goodbye and watched her walk down the street to her house.

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