You can't control love

Not writing this movella anymore..


2. Chapter 2

The next day; X Factor Auditions Day

"Brooke, are you coming with me or Niall? You need to choose" Harry Said. I sighed, knowing I should go with my brother, but there was my bestfriend too? 

"Ill go with.. You" I said

"Good. Now go get in the car, we're going!"

After Harry's X Factor Audition

"Harry you were amazing! I've never heard you sing THAT good before!" I shouted at my younger brother

"Calm down. I'm not that good anyway.."

"Your crazy Harry, you're amazing. Now I'm going to see Niall, bye Harry, bye Auntie Rose!"

I walked down the road to Niall's house, it was only a ten minute walk. I walked up the steps to his front door hoping he was back from his audition. The door swung open revealing a blonde haired, blue eyes, wide smiling Niall.


"I told you you would! Harry got through too!"

Niall's smile turned into a frown "Do you think I should go sort things out with Harry? Im sick of argueing with him.."

"No, give him time, Ill talk to him. So, when are you going to bootcamp?" Our conversation went on for over an hour, him filling me in on details for the X Factor, talking about work and other random things.

"Bye Niall, I'll see you tomorrow" I said smiling as I walked down the steps of his house.

"Brooke wait.." He said placing a hand on my shoulder spinning me around, he leaned in and kissed me. One thing I thought he would never actually do. My eyes widened, I was shocked. But inside I was smiling, I was happy. Why? I don't love him like he loves me, do I?

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