An unwanted surprise

Starting a new school is hard enough for Isabella, everything was turning horrible until the guy of her dreams walked straight into her life and decided to stop. How could anything possibly go wrong?


7. Together

For the whole afternoon I talked to Katie and the girls they are so so lovely now, and ofcorse I chatted away to Kyle. It was like a recurring pattern everyday for the next 15-16weeks we all got on lovely and then in a flash it had been 6 months since I started here. Me, the girls and Katie were all best friends but I couldn't completely trust them all fully yet. Me and Kyle well we're an official couple now..

'Hey Isabella can I take you out for dinner tonight?' I did an awkwardly over excited smile and said 'Yes, what time?' he smiled back like he was relieved ' 6.30? what a perfect time I would have done all my school work and be ready - hopefully by then ' perfect' we both smiled and just before he walked off ' I'll see you then beautiful' I blushed so much, like a tomato, I just smiled and looked away as quickly as possible. 

Katie helped me choose what to wear, it was weird though I usually always know what I want to wear when I'm with him but tonight I just wanted to dress up after the compliment he gave me. I told Katie all about it she seemed so excited for me, she knew my past what it was like family life to, we trusted each other so much we were the real deal of best friends. She chose out a lovely floral dress that I only wear on special occasions, she did my make up perfectly and my hair, I could have never made it look so good. I'm not being vein but for the first time in my life I felt pretty, thanks to Katie but more so thanks to Kyle giving me the confidence to be myself, if it wasn't for him I probably wouldn't be here today, but I am and that's the main thing which matters.

He pulled up in a taxi, we're not old enough to drive yet and he didn't want me to get cold - aw! The first thing he said to me was 'Wow' I felt the same way about him too he looked incredibly handsome I'd never seen him in a suit - not a full suit but near enough, I smiled and said 'You look amaz-ing!!' we both just looked at each other and laughed. Tonight, he acted like a proper gentleman he even opened up the taxi car door for me and payed for everything I did insist to pay but he wouldn't let me, he told me it was a treat from him to me. We talked and talked in the taxi it was great. Having said that I was slightly concerned on where we were actually going until we arrived. 'Ok so I know we haven't been here except from when we first met each other so I wanted it to be extra special' he seemed so happy saying that and I was just the same I was so surprised I loved it here even though I had only been here once it was still my favourite place because my favourite person showed it to me. 'Kyle this, this, this is perfect' as we sat down and ordered we talked forever. I didn't want it to end, no never not at all! I knew it never would have to end after he said this ' Isabella there's something I've been meaning to tell you, ever since I met you I knew you would be amazing, funny, perfect and your incredibly beautiful which is also a bonus' I smiled ' I've never met anyone like you before and I believe I never will, Isabella I don't want this to end but more importantly I don't want us to ever end, I love you and it would be my honor to be able to call you my girlfriend, please Isabella may I be your boyfriend?' I was stunned, I couldn't believe he just said that to me, my eyes watered, it was just so beautiful. 'I've dreamed of this moment all my life Kyle, but I never imagined it as perfect as this, you really are such a gentleman, you have such an amazing personality there's no one out there with a more beautiful smile or with such a heart of gold, I would love to be your girlfriend, I love you to' a tear rolled down my eye, like what he did on the day we met, he wiped it away and hugged me, I didn't want to let go but then out lips met and fireworks lightened up the sky.  When I got home I quickly ran to the phone and rang Katie telling her every detail she screamed we both screamed together she was so happy for me and I was so happy to. 

Since that day we have been like a perfect couple, we argue like old married couples - not seriously ofcorse, we laugh until sunset, we hug like it's our last ever hug and kiss like we mean it because we do. Personally I think nothing could actually go wrong nowerdays, I have the perfect boyfriend, a loving family and such amazing friends and best friends. What could actually go wrong?


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