An unwanted surprise

Starting a new school is hard enough for Isabella, everything was turning horrible until the guy of her dreams walked straight into her life and decided to stop. How could anything possibly go wrong?


10. Lost

'She's breathing!' 'She's actually breathing' The girls alive' These are just some of the phrases I heard while awakening, I didn't know where I was all I saw was the blur visions of people running around me flashing lights and an awfully loud pitch noise. Someone talked to me saying ' Stay with us, keep your eyes open, you're doing great, you're safe now' I didn't recognize the voice at all but saying that, I didn't know where I was or even who I was. Before I knew it I had dosed off again.

It was the next day before I woke up again, I was in a room so unfamiliar yet there were so many faces I recognized. 'Isabella, it's me your mother, are you ok? I'm so proud of you my darling daughter you've fought like a soldier' she had tears falling down her face, I felt so guilty I didn't want attention like this I just wanted to run away! 'It's alright sweetheart daddy's here, everything's going to be alright now, we are  going to find out just who did this to you' he sounded so worried yet so frustrated that someone would do this to his daughter. 'I'm fine, this happens all the time people get hurt and injured but then they get better and everyone forgets about the past, we don't need to get the police involved' I tried and tried to persuade them but they were already one step ahead ' Isabella, I know this possibly isn't the best time to ask any questions but before you get into lots of conversations with friends and family' my mind suddenly stopped, what did he mean by friends, I looked round to see Katie and Kyle waving in from the window, I tried to pull a smile but the pain was too much, it was so bad the instant pain caused a tear or two to fall from my eyes yet again. ' ...Can you remember anything, anything at all what happened yesterday afternoon' the police officer looked so innocent and sad that she was having to ask me this so quickly, I decided to tell her everything everything what happened just as I left the restaurant she smiled and said 'thank you, that's all for now, get well soon, you've done great answering me' I smiled and said 'Thank you.' Before I had time to breathe the door bursts open Katie and Kyle run in they both take it in terns to hug me, my parents walk out leaving us alone to talk. The first part was just them asking everything which happened and whats actually happened to me whilst being in a coma, I was shocked I never thought it could be as bad as having brain damage, I guess that fall really made an impact then. I didn't want to bring it up but Kyle bursts out 'I'm so sorry Isabella it's all my fault, I should have never told you so suddenly, if I didn't tell you this you wouldn't be like this now, we would be out together sharing ice cream whilst watching a film or play fighting with each other, you have to understand if I could turn back the clock in time I honestly would' I couldn't let him continue I thought it was a dream when I woke up and thought about it, I never expected it to be true but with him saying such sweet words I couldn't let him continue, my heart couldn't take it ' It's fine Kyle I understand, can we talk about it some other time I'm not ready for it now, I can't quite remember it too clearly, I'm sorry..' I lied.

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