An unwanted surprise

Starting a new school is hard enough for Isabella, everything was turning horrible until the guy of her dreams walked straight into her life and decided to stop. How could anything possibly go wrong?


2. It must be a mistake

I should have known they would come here. They made there life ambition to be popular, they didn't care how nasty they were to people well to me. They only wanted people to laugh with them or at me.

On the bus going to school was the worst because there were no teachers about. They used to throw food at me, 'accidentally' spill drinks down me and take pictures of it all. At starters I used to try and defend myself but it just made it worse. I cried nearly everyday before I got to school and when I came home. At school they pushed me into people, tripped me over, threw red paint on the back of my trousers, no one helped me at all even when they pushed me down stairs they all just laughed and recorded it on their phones. Everyday I kept telling myself it can't get worse but they always had something worse planned. I used to be happy when I got home because I knew no one could do anything there. Until that day. They found out where I lived. They egged my house, stole my bike and sprayed paint all over my dads new BMW but that was just the start. They made my life hell. 

I tried to reassure myself it can't be them my old school is 1 hour and a half away. I smiled for a moment whilst turning around to look for Katie. I found myself falling forward onto the road after a big hand touched my shoulder. I quickly ran back onto the curb just in time as a car was coming and saw them. All of them. Natasha, the head bully, laughed 'Couldn't get enough of us Isabella?' I couldn't reply, not at all especially when I saw her hair, her face her smile, among the group was Katie. They all laughed and walked away. I vaguely heard a voice which sounded just like Katie's saying 'What a looser!' I heard them all laugh again. 

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