An unwanted surprise

Starting a new school is hard enough for Isabella, everything was turning horrible until the guy of her dreams walked straight into her life and decided to stop. How could anything possibly go wrong?


8. Heart ache

Previously I told you how much I loved Kyle I still do but maybe a little more now, but I'm feeling slightly nervous he's been wanting to talk to me about something for the past month now and I really don't know what it is, he keeps telling me about it but when he tries to tell me it he just can't! It has nearly been a year since we first started dating surely it wasn't going to end now but I don't know how much longer I could continue having the burden of the one I trust not being able to tell me everything. 

It's Saturday, me, Katie and Kyle are going out all together, he said he finally would like to discuss why he's been acting so strange, he said it was easier if I was with Katie but I wouldn't understand why until the moment he told me. The nerves running around my stomach are unreal, I can barely described how bad they are. I have mixed emotions flying around my head telling me good thoughts and bad, is this really the end of us two? Does he think that the spark has ran out? I quickly ran to the bathroom and locked the door tight. I collapsed to the ground in tears. I'm scared. I don't want to know what he has to tell me, I'm not ready for my first heart ache. After a few minutes I decided it's better to face my fears than run away, I tided up my face and hair and left to go pick Katie up. 

She looked so pretty today, she's got a new pair of shorts, everyone has been looking for them styled ones everywhere I can't believe she actually got some! Katie didn't know that Kyle had to tell me something today, I couldn't bare her asking how I'm feeling or comforting me before I even get told, I know I will just break down into tears - good old me such a strong girl..

We reach mine and Kyles' favourite place to eat, that amazing american one, delicious! We ordered food and had a general conversation, I was praying that he had forgotton what he had to say until 'So the reason I wanted to take both of you out today is to tell you some important news especially for me but it does involve Isabella and she might need a friend around' he said it so easily, but my heart was racing like anything, he continued saying 'So as we all know its the end of year 11 soon enough, well in about 4 weeks and I've been wanting to tell you this for long, such a long time it's unreal I just can't face it if I upset you, I don't want this to happen, I don't want us to break up but it wouldn't be practical. My dad has got an opportunity a once in a life opportunity, he's been offered a job in Australia, me and my family leave as soon as my exams and school have finished' tears fell down from my eyes, I would rather us two not be a couple but still be able to see each other every day, a few tears turned into dozens. 'I'm so so sorry Isabella I really am, I never wanted to hurt you at all, I wish I never had to tell you this but it's only right if you know, it would be wrong of me to leave without you knowing before. I love you, I really do with all my heart, no one has ever had the same affect on me as you do but more importantly no one ever will, it's a one in a million feeling, you're truely a one of a kind girl, there's no one in the world like you and there never will be. Maybe one day we can be together again whether it's in England or Australia but we can't do the long distance relationship not when we are at the other end of the world to each other. I know they say that distance doesn't matter but it's not that, it's the fact I wouldn't be able to see your beautiful face each day or hear you're beautiful voice and don't get me started about your smile, your personality but most of all your loving heart please don't because I never will finish. I'm truely sorry' I didn't know what to do or react after that, I just leaned into Katie and bursted out with more and more tears. 

I ran out of the restaurant.

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