An unwanted surprise

Starting a new school is hard enough for Isabella, everything was turning horrible until the guy of her dreams walked straight into her life and decided to stop. How could anything possibly go wrong?


12. Goodbye my lover

I never will understand why I do the things I do.I won't forget my horrible past, I would like to, but Kyle made me understand something; there are people who have been in life threatening situations but they don't dwell on the past they look into the future because it can only get better. One day I will be able to say that. 


It's nearly Kyle's time to leave. We haven't contacted each other in what feels like years now, it may be for the best for him but for me it has killed part of me inside, something that can never be bought back. I can't let him go to the other side of the world knowing that he hates me and doesn't want to see my face again. I have to make things right but I know an apology will never truly show how much it means to me, words and gifts will never show my true feelings towards him.


Today's the day. Today's the day my first love, my first romance leaves to fly thousands and thousands away away from me. I love him. He hates me. All I can do is hope and pray that maybe just maybe he will be able to look at me as I apologize and listen. PLEASE. 


It's 10am he leaves for the airport in 2 hours. As I walk to his house I can't help but remember all of the great memories we shared going down this path, it almost feels like he's here next to me, holding my hand telling me that I'm 'so beautiful' then the little arguments we had disagreeing about that statement go on forever, when he used to stop, look at me in the eyes and kiss me on the forehead for no reason whatsoever except to finish our argument - that's the Kyle I miss and love. 

I knock on the door to be greeted with a smile only heaven can make. 'Hello I don't believe we've met before' he was tall and his eyes beamed straight into mine I didn't know what to reply saying or how except 'Oh I'm sorry I was looking for someone, they must have left, sorry to bother you' I started to walk away after replying, as I got further down the drive he shouted 'excuse me, miss' I turned back facing him ' Were you looking for a Kyle by any chance?' he said it in such a lovely posh British accent it made my heart flutter even though I knew it shouldn't. 'Yes, yes I am, do you know where I could find him?' I couldn't control my smile as I answered him, he knew who Kyle is and maybe just maybe I will be able to say goodbye. 'He's just coming now, I've heard a lot about you,' I walked closer to him ' You're Isabella, right?' I questioned myself before I answered ' Yes I am, and you are?' What am I doing? I'm probably never going to meet him again or talk to him but I am intrigued and fascinated I remember that smile from somewhere but I just don't know where. 'Harry, Harry Styles' he gave a cheeky smile when he said that, like I would remember him or something, I smiled back politely. 'Hi Isabella I didn't think I'd ever see you again' It was Kyle, oh gorgeous Kyle, he looks so handsome right now I just want to hug him and apologize for everything I did wrong - but I just can't. 'Hi Kyle, you look great!' For a minute I forgot that we were no longer together or even best friends no more. 'Thank you Isabella, so do you! It's been a long time since we've met, how are you doing?' he was carrying the conversation on like nothing happened but I just couldn't keep myself quiet 'Look Kyle I need to talk to you'  Harry went inside and me and Kyle sat on the bench together then I continued ' I'm just so so sorry, I shouldn't of been so selfish I wish I could go back and change everything, I have loved you all this time and no undoubtedly still will love you for a much longer period of time. I can't let you leave without you knowing just how truly sorry I am. More importantly I apologize for ever letting you get involved in my life, you should have never talked to me then we wouldn't be in this situation now. Kyle, I love you and I'm going to miss you incredibly but I know you probably don't feel the same way but please just understand how much I really mean this.' Tears filled my eyes I was incredibly nervous about his response. 'Isabella, I know you really mean it, do you know why? Because I love you so damn much I would never let one silly argument with you ruin who we are together, if I didn't meet you the sun wouldn't rise in the morning, there would be no light in the world because you wouldn't be smiling. Isabella it really does kill me to go but I know that Harry will make sure no one says anything to you, he's my cousin and will be living here from now on. But Isabella I always have and always will love you no matter what. I'm going to miss you so much!' Tears strolled down my face one by one and his eyes watered up to, ' Kyle I'm speechless' he wiped away my tears and pulled my hair back and kissed me probably for the last time. 'Kyle it's time to go! We need to be early the traffics terrible!' his mother shouted down, unaware I was with him. 'Goodbye Isabella I must go, I love you!' The realisation of him going hit me like a ton of bricks ' Goodbye Kyle, I love you! Please don't forget me.' I couldn't move a muscle, I just sat here and cried.


They've been gone for nearly an hour now but I just can't remove myself from the bench. I scream out at the top of my lungs ' WHY? WHY DID HE HAVE TO GO AWAY? WHY? WHY? WHY? ' and continued to burst out crying. Hours flew by, but then a car pulled into the drive, my thoughts went crazy all I could do was think to myself 'Is he back?' to my disappointment it was Harry. He walked up to me as I sat there and cried, he sat besides me and just hugged me. My head fitted into his shoulder perfectly. We just sat there for hours, me crying and him just hugging me telling me 'everything's going to be OK Isabella.' 

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