An unwanted surprise

Starting a new school is hard enough for Isabella, everything was turning horrible until the guy of her dreams walked straight into her life and decided to stop. How could anything possibly go wrong?


11. Face to face with the truth

'He's been offered a job in Australia' 'I never wanted to hurt you' 'It's a one in a million feeling' 'we can't do the long distance relationship' 'I'm truely sorry' those words repeat again and again and yet again. They've not stopped buzzing around my mind for nearly 3 days now, I can't come to terms in what happened but most of all I lied. I lied to the one person who you are supposed to be faithful to like they are to you, always doing there best to please you but no that's not me I lied, that is something I can't change. I wish i could. I wish for once just once  would be able to turn the clock backwards and think before I said that to Kyle. I've dreamed of this my whole life, just to see what the different outcomes would be. I guess if it hasn't happened yet it probably never will but I never will stop wishing on a shooting star for that one opportunity.

It has been nearly a week now, I'm finally leaving hospital and returning home. I couldn't be any happier, the blood tests will have stopped, the nurses checking my blood pressure and temperature every day will have stopped, I would finally be able to relax and get back to normal. However my mum wanted to give me a surprise and let Kyle drive me home. WHY! I silently screamed out loud as my jaw dropped 'Hey Isabella let me get those bags for you I can't wait until you can get back to your normal sense again!' My heart smiled but my mind knew it was wrong to do after what I had said 'Hey you didn't have to pick me up Kyle, I need to stay here for at least another hour for them to finalize me leaving you should go and pack your clothes and stuff' It slipped out just like that, why did I have to say it, why don't I think before speaking? 'I should what?' 'Never mind Kyle it doesn't matter,' 'No Isabella it really does, you remembered what I said and all this time you have lead me to believe you haven't, you've lied to me this whole time, whats happened to you?' His face turned angrier and angrier, I was scared I didn't know what to say ' I couldn't face it Kyle I couldn't face you talking about it or saying it again it breaks my heart to see you go, you're the best thing that has ever happened in my life, I was in pain when you came to see me physically and mentally I couldn't face the truth, please just go' right at this moment a tear fell from my eye 'Fine but walking away is never going to solve anything, sometimes you have to think of others Isabella and not just yourself you need to stop thinking about the damn past you had. Yes it was awful but no one here cares except you and the way you keep saying it no one ever will' I've never heard Kyle shout at me before but all his words came out so loud and hurtful it was unreal. He stormed out of the room.

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