An unwanted surprise

Starting a new school is hard enough for Isabella, everything was turning horrible until the guy of her dreams walked straight into her life and decided to stop. How could anything possibly go wrong?


4. Am I dreaming?

Throughout the whole of the day I could barely get my head around something so fairy tale to happen to me. Did he make a mistake?

As we walked to first lesson it seemed as though everyone liked him, people didn't judge me now I was with him, all the footballers said hey and all the girls well they just giggled as they said hello. I got the idea maybe he's popular, I wish I never knew though, all I was telling myself was I can't be friends or anything more with a popular guy, he's probably just like the rest, just trying to humiliate me. My heart forced me to stop these negative thoughts, it reassured me I came to this school to put the past behind me and not let it interfere with my future and that is what I have to do, I have to take the challenge that's the only way I will get over my past. 

In the first two lessons we sat next to each other and talked all about our past and what we would like to do in our future. It felt perfect! Someone actually wants to talk to me and hear what I want to say. Surprisingly I actually kept my cool throughout the whole 2 and a half ours! I even shocked myself! 

A break I was looking for someone I could hang around with because Kyle's' friends called him away. Something so unusual happened, I couldn't believe it, I didn't know whether to be nice to them or give them back all the pain they've caused me all these years. Katie and her new 'friends' wanted to hang around with me? were they joking around trying to humiliate me again? I was just about to walk away when I thought the same thoughts as before and how I have to put the past behind me to move on in my future. Was this the start to a better future?

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