In Perpetuum [Harry Potter]

COMPLETED: Harry Potter Fanfiction. Hermione is sent back in time to the Marauder's Era. What will happen when she does not have Harry around to provide information and clues about Voldemort? Some Lily/James, Remus/OC.


15. Ut habetur tortor de tempore




Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday dear Remus!

Happy Birthday to you!

The last word was howled out by Remus' friends in a dog-like manner. Hermione winced at this and made a disparaging noise, but quickly turned her attention back to Remus. His eyes shone and his cheeks were flushed a coral pink as they all sang to him.

They had surprised him with a cake after dinner as she was climbing through the portrait hole. Hermione simply shook her head when Sirius, James and Peter showed it to her. She knew that they must have snuck it from the kitchens with the help from a certain cloak, but for once, she let the matter rest.

The cake had been cut, and eaten, and presents had been unwrapped (a handsome set of Wizard Chess from the four of them). They were sitting in some very comfortable armchairs by the fire, patting their slightly distended stomachs when Hermione had jumped up as though a bolt of electricity had passed right through her body.

"Oh my goodness, I totally forgot! How could I have been so stupid?"

She began to jog towards the portrait hole when Remus yelled out after her.

"Where are you going? It's my birthday party you're missing!"

"Sorry but I've got a meeting with –" she stopped abruptly; she had made a promise not to say anything.

"- with...a friend. Happy Birthday Remus, but I really have to go."

Sirius turned his head to Hermione's direction and said with a slightly menacing tone, "You're not going out to meet some guy are you?"

James' face also darkened at the possibility that his sister could be dating.

"I'll break his legs if he hurts you."

Hermione inwardly laughed at Sirius' mention of 'a guy'. If only he knew that 'guy' was, in fact, Dumbledore.

Despite her amusement, she was deeply touched that her brother and his friends would care about her safety and her well being so much.

"I'll probably see you all at breakfast. Goodnight."

Hermione briskly walked over to and climbed through the portrait hole. She was desperate to get away before they could ask any more questions that she would be unable to answer.

It was time for another one of her meetings with Dumbledore.

Last time they had met, Hermione had only mentioned the word 'Horcrux' when she saw a flicker of fear pass through Dumbledore's incandescent blue eyes. She had been slightly taken aback by the notion that this all powerful being before her could outwardly display signs of trepidation.

As she walked silently along the stone passageways, Hermione wondered what she and Dumbledore would be discussing today. Despite the infinite number of possibilities, she made a mental note to mention the Order of the Phoenix. If Dumbledore could begin to assemble such an organisation now, they would have such increased chances of defeating Voldemort, and also his innumerable followers.

Hermione had heard stories about the end of the First Wizarding War. Even after baby Harry had supposedly thwarted Voldemort, there were still many who were willing to carry out his work.

The Order would be able to keep these numbers to a minimum and ensure that the Wizarding population would remain as untouched and safe as possible.

Hermione had been receiving the 'Daily Prophet' every day via owl post. The others in her year were at a loss as to why a second year would be interested in local Wizarding news. Yet, they never failed to ask for the comics on the back pages.

Hermione maintained, just like she had in her Fifth year to Harry and Ron, that it was important to know what the enemy is saying.

Hermione's thoughts were suddenly stopped. She had arrived at the stone gargoyle.

"Acid Pops."

She moved up the spiral staircase and upon reaching the top she found the door open, already waiting for her.

"Good evening Miss Potter. I trust I find you well?"

"Yes sir."

"Very well. Let us begin where we left off."

They had been chatting for a few moments about relatively unimportant matters when Hermione brought up the topic of the Order.

"You see, sir – I could give you a list of names of those who were trustworthy last time. Many of the members are still at school at the present, but there would be quite a number who are, at least, of age."

"Yes, but are you sure that they can be trusted?"

Hermione nodded at him.


"In that case, if you could have the list ready by the next time we meet, it would be most helpful."

Hermione nodded once more.

Dumbledore's face took on a grave expression as he steered the conversation into different waters.

"Tell me now, Hermione, what do you know of these Horcruxs? How was it found that they existed?"

Hermione explained her second year, the brewing of the Polyjuice potion, and most importantly Riddle's diary and the Basilisk fang. She recounted exactly what had been a Horcrux in her time, being careful to mention those which had not yet been created in this time frame.

"But the only problem is, sir, where is the diary at this point in time? In my time, it was in the possession of Lucius Malfoy. At present, Mr Malfoy is barely out of Hogwarts. I don't doubt that he has joined the ranks of the Death Eaters already, but we cannot guarantee that he has the diary."

"That is a keen observation Hermione. I shall have to investigate further. But I believe that I have enough information for tonight. Thank you, you may go back to your dormitory."


"It goes nought to fifty in ten has a handle of Spanish anti-jinx spells money can buy!"

James was strutting about the common room almost shouting at anyone or thing that had an ear attached to their person.

"Give it a rest James. I can hardly hear myself think!"

James turned to look at his sister, both eyebrows raised.

"Come on sis. It's not as if you get to turn thirteen twice in your life."

Hermione pursed her lips, but ignored his jibe. Technically speaking, he was correct. She turned her attention back to the essay that was part of their Transfiguration homework. However, she could not concentrate. She felt that odd sensation that someone kept staring at her. Whenever she looked around she could see that everyone else was either absorbed in their own activities, or watching James parading around the common room on the broom he had received as a birthday present.

He had recently joined the Gryffindor Quidditch Team as Chaser after Jonathon Wood felt he had sported one too many a broken and bloodied nose.

Ma and Pops had been incredibly proud of their son and sent along a number of gifts which had been shown off by James at breakfast with absolutely no shame whatsoever. This broom was the latest development in what Hermione was sure would be an epic saga over his years as part of his triumphs on the Quidditch Pitch.

She shook her head once as though to rid herself of negative thoughts, blocked out the whoops of joy as Sirius egged on James, and resumed her concentration on vertebrate transfiguration.

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