In Perpetuum [Harry Potter]

COMPLETED: Harry Potter Fanfiction. Hermione is sent back in time to the Marauder's Era. What will happen when she does not have Harry around to provide information and clues about Voldemort? Some Lily/James, Remus/OC.


16. Ut est effectio




Ma sat around the breakfast table appraising her two children. From her correspondence with Dumbledore and their reports from school, she was aware that each of her children was exceptionally gifted magically. Each had displayed significant talent in their own arenas and for this, both she and Charlus were exceptionally proud.

Every grade of one-hundred-percent that Hermione would receive in Defence Against the Dark Arts would twist painfully at her heart strings as it served as a constant validation that Hermione was indeed all she said she was.

Dorea remembered the emaciated, broken body that James and Sirius had brought back to her not that long ago. It was a miracle that Hermione had made it. Her body had been that of a little girl.

James too showed excellent progress in Defence against the Dark Arts, however it was no secret that his talents lay in the field of flying (hence his appointment as Chaser in the Gryffindor Quidditch team) and also Transfiguration. Dorea was surprised that her son was such a high achiever in what was an exceptionally difficult branch of magic, however, she never voiced her astonishment fearing that it would undermine any of his future progress in the subject.

Sirius, on the other hand showed distinct talent in both Transfiguration and Defence Against the Dark Arts. He frequently topped the class in both subjects, and kept the other two on their toes. Dorea suspected that this was due to Orion Black's penchant for Dark Magic rubbing off on him, and she would often frown at the thought of it.

Just as Dorea had finished thinking these truths, the children whizzed by past her, on their way to the gardens of the manor.

"Bye Mum!" shouted James.

"We're just going to the lagoon for a swim," said Hermione with a bit more poise than James.

Sirius and Remus did not bother saying anything at all and simply ran past.

"Be back in time for lunch," called out Ma P after them, wondering if they had even bothered to pay attention to her.


The small group of Gryffindors ducked and dived, swooped and splashed underneath the hot, midday sun. They had forgotten lunch completely.

Within the sprawling grounds of Potter Manor there were many nooks and crannies within which to hide if one desired to. An apple orchard stood proud in one far corner. An empty labourer's cottage stood forlorn just to the side in the opposite direction.

A rock face served as the posterior boundary to the grounds and water trickled down it to create a small lagoon it its shadows.

Many a hot summer's day found the gang here, in an almost futile effort to cool off.

"I bet I can jump from that rock," shouted James, pointing to one of the top ledges.

"No!" shrieked Hermione, "The ledge is too high and the water is much too shallow. You would kill yourself in an instant."

"Fine," sighed James, and he proceeded to hop back into the water from a ledge much closer to the surface of the water.

Hermione swam herself to the edge of the lagoon, standing up and wading when the water got too shallow. She pulled her towel from the branch of the tree it was looped over, spread out on the grass and proceeded to sun herself, waiting for the water to evaporate from her creamy skin.

From her vantage point she could easily watch the group of friends, now having a vigorous water fight before her. She was glad she got out of the water when she did, although the fight was paused by James speaking to Remus.

"Oi Remus! Can you do this?"

Remus looked over to James who signaled him to put his head underneath the water to watch. Remus obliged and watched James perform several somersaults in a deeper part of the lagoon. James emerged from the water a few moments later gasping to get his breath back. Remus shot him a sardonic look while Remus copied what James did, adding in a few twists of his own.

In retaliation the water fight was resumed so that a winner could be ascertained.

At one point the fight got too close to the water's edge and Hermione screeched as the water droplets hit her, now, warm skin.

"Sorry Mione," called Sirius. She saw his eyes stay locked onto her for just a fraction of a second too long and felt the blood travel from the tips of her toes to her face.

When she realised what her physiological response was due to Sirius' apparently sudden interest in her, she was shocked. Her whole body stiffened as she contemplated what it all meant.

Sirius couldn't be interested in her that way. Could he?

She had always considered him as her brothers' best friend, and occasionally when he was not causing mayhem, a friend of her own. He had always been someone to turn into in times of trouble. Someone you could trust and depend on.

It couldn't be what she thought it was. He was far too young to be thinking those kinds of thoughts, wasn't he?

Then again, perhaps it was not so sudden after all. She remembered the slightly lingering touches, the feeling that someone else's eyes were burning a hole through the back of her skull.

Everything clicked into place. Sirius liked her, and more than in the way of friendship. The bigger question was, how did she feel for him?

"Oh no!" she thought as realisation dawned.

The only problem was that Hermione did not know what to do now that she had figured this out. This was the kind of event that could irrevocably change their entire future, for either good or bad.

Would there even be Lily and James together? Would there be a Harry? What if it did not work out between her and Sirius? What if it did?

Questions floated on and out of her mind as she sat their basking in the sun.

Should she act on it? Should she ignore it?

There was no doubt that Sirius was intelligent, good-looking and above all, he was a true Gryffindor.

Hermione had never regretted translocating back to the past, however, at this moment, all she could think of was, "Why me?"

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