In Perpetuum [Harry Potter]

COMPLETED: Harry Potter Fanfiction. Hermione is sent back in time to the Marauder's Era. What will happen when she does not have Harry around to provide information and clues about Voldemort? Some Lily/James, Remus/OC.


14. Sed amore et transformatione




"How much longer until we get off this stupid train?"

"James, for goodness sake, calm down. We will be arriving at Kings Cross in about an hour or so."

James did calm down for a few moments before he effervesced up once more.

"Sirius, what do you say to a little magical fun while we still can use magic?"

Sirius nodded his head in a sly manner and winked as though he could already tell what James was thinking.

Peter looked up in excitement and even Remus stopped what he was doing for a moment to look at James.

Hermione, on the other hand, had an expression of extreme alarm and stood up as if to physically bar them from moving outside the train compartment.

"What? What are you going to do now?"

"Come on boys, follow me," said James as he ushered his companions, past Hermione, out of the compartment door and down the narrow passageway that ran the length of the carriage.

Hermione sat back down in her seat, biting her lower lip in nervousness and frustration.

As she leaned back on the seat she decided that if the boys wanted to get into trouble, on their own heads be it. She was not there to police them.

No sooner than she had thought that she heard a bang come from the other end of the carriage. This was followed by several screams; however none were more prominent than the ferocious one that came from Lily Evans.


Hermione whipped her head around the door of the compartment and peered out into the corridor which was now filling up with people. She saw Sirius with a massive grin plastered across his face while several students (including Peter) were either on the floor laughing or clutching one another for support as they fought for air. In contrast, Remus was holding his head in his hands, occasionally peering through his fingers to see how or if James was going to handle this situation.


"I don't know Lils, I think he looks better as a leech. He always seems to suck the life out of a room anyway, I thought this might help him with his work."

"Don't you dare call me 'Lils'. My name is Lily."

"Sure thing Lily Petal. Anything you say."

James dismissed Lily's cry of protest, waved his wand and muttered an incantation. With a puff of smoke, Severus Snape was standing before him.

"Uh-oh," said James when he saw a fully grown Severus, but with a slimy, striated grey skin covering.

He repeated the spell.


If Severus had his normal skin tone, his face would have been glowing like the setting sun with a mixture of embarrassment and deep hatred.

James looked over at Lily. Her face reminded him of the front of the Hogwarts Express they were on: bright red and about to explode with the steam that was building up within.

She tossed her hair around and in one fluid movement, grabbed the arm of Severus to lead him to the front of the train where Madam Pomfrey could return him back to normal.

James laughed as he turned to go back, but he was stopped by a furious looking Hermione. Her hair crackled with the electricity of her anger as she pointed her arm straight out, directing the boys back to their compartment.

The other students instantly paled away and quietly crept back to their own sections. Each and every one of them jumped in their seats as they heard the door bang shut behind Hermione. They heard the giant squawk she let out and they truly pitied those at the receiving end of her tirade – no matter how deserving it may have been.

Hermione was still fuming as the train pulled into Kings Cross. She had not seen either Lily or Severus since the incident and was wondering if the latter was OK.

Putting away any thoughts about the latter parts if the train ride, she straightened her shoulders and walked calmly over to Ma and Pops who were waiting for the group.


"God rest ye merry Hippogriffs..."

Sirius was walking down the main stairs of Potter Manor, the garland of deep scarlet tinsel gently rustling in his hands as he twisted it around the banister.

James looked up at his friend and smiled before he joined in.

"Ye are a bird of prey..."

Remus and Hermione took one look at each other from where they were unpacking tree ornaments, shrugged their shoulders and joined in.

We come in all our splendour

To lead ye all astray

O' tidings of comfort and joy

Comfort and joy

O' tidings of comfort and joy!

The last line of lyrics was belted out at the tops of their voices. They took one look at each other, after having done this, and collapsed into peals of laughter.

Picking himself up off the floor, Remus looked through one of the many windows that gave a view to the front of the manor.

"It's snowing!" he exclaimed, and sure enough when the others had zoomed over to the same window they too saw the soft flakes falling gracefully from the sky. The tiny specks of white created a stark contrast against the black of the night sky.

Hermione looked out at the perfectly sculpted gardens before her and spoke with almost a sense of awe in her voice.

"I have always loved White Christmas', ever since..."

The end of her sentence trailed away into nothing because it was not true. She could not finish it because she knew that the Christmas before last had been a white Christmas. It was when she had visited the grave of the boy standing beside her, and his wife.

Hermione knew that once she went back to Hogwarts after the holidays, she would have another meeting with Dumbledore and she would have to reveal the extent of Voldemort's power. She would have to reveal her knowledge of the horcruxs and how to destroy them. It would be a dark time, and a difficult time.

She had been meeting with Dumbledore quite frequently these past few months and it was becoming increasingly difficult to come up with excuses for her absences.

She turned her head to look up into his shining face and had to blink back tears. His eyes were wide with wonder and they were all in such high spirits. She could not bring the mood down with her reminiscences. It was Christmas and Christmas had to remain a happy time, at least for them.

They finished putting up the tinsel and decorating the tree. They even had time to put little twinkling lights in each of the windows. Sometime later they were sitting in the parlour which contained the tree, admiring their decorations when Ma came in with a mug of hot chocolate for each of them.

They sat, not even speaking, until they heard a soft thud and clatter from James' direction signalling that he had fallen asleep and that his cup had fallen to the floor.

After waking James they trooped off all to their respective beds, each of them eagerly awaiting what the morning would bring.


Hermione was woken by a bright light coming directly from her partially opened curtains. She got up from her bed and went to close them, intending to sleep a little longer, but gasped when she saw the gardens outside.

Everything was covered in a beautiful layer of white snow.

Dressing quickly, she bounded into everyone's rooms and woke them. It was time to open presents.

Ma and Pops had taken everyone, including Peter, to Diagon Alley in the preceding days, to pick gifts for everyone.

Hermione was delighted by the woven lilac and cream coloured scarf and matching gloves from Sirius. The lilac made a swirled flower pattern that stood out proudly against the cream background. She did not know he had such good taste when it came to girl's fashion. Hermione was equally delighted with the book subscription Remus and James had given her. It promised a new book every month.

James joked that with a deal like that, Hermione could never be bored again.

Peter had given her a musical jewellery box that played the most terrible song. At least he was not present with them, so she did not have to pretend to be excited about it.

Hermione did not know why the boys were still friends with Peter. He was never around these days and it was so frustrating for Hermione because she was accustomed to being able to look on the Marauder's Map for any missing person. The map was still in its very early stages, so this was not an option at the moment.

It was at this moment that Ma rounded the corner, camera in hand, ready to take a multifarious amount of photographs that she would spend the rest of the holidays putting into her photo albums.

It was these photo albums that Hermione spent a great deal of her last holidays poring over.

There were so many images of the little family. She wished that she had these in her time with Harry so that she could show him. She wanted him to have known how much his family loved him even if they were not there to be demonstrative about it.

When peering over baby photos of James, she wondered if this was what Harry must have had looked like as a baby and then a small child. The Dursley's had not had the initiative to take photos of Harry then. Perhaps they didn't think he would ever end up with a family with whom he would like to share them with, however, it was more probable that they thought it took too much time away from their precious 'Dudders'.

Ma P looked over at Hermione who had spent the last five minutes staring blankly into space. She had begun to speak to her, startling her out of her reverie.

"Hermione, dear, I was just thinking that you could put some of these in the photo album that Pops and I got you for Christmas. What do you think?"

"Yes Ma. What a wonderful idea! I'm sure my friends would have an absolute ball looking through them and all the others," she replied, winking at Ma.

Each of the boys turned their heads, hands poised halfway to their mouths in the process of stuffing cauldron cakes into them.

"Please don't," said Remus in a mortified tone.

Hermione openly laughed at them and ran towards the front door. On her way there, she shouted back to them.

"Snowball fight. If I win, I get to show the photos. If you guys win, I don't."

The boys took one look at each other before running out of the room behind her.


"I can't believe she did that!" said James.

"Who would've thought Hermione would be so good in combat?" replied Remus in an awestruck tone.

Hermione had trooped in behind them, breathless, but grinning like a Cheshire cat.

"Lily-Petal would love to see those photos of James in the bath. Don't you think?"


Hermione clambered into her bed and snuggled herself underneath her blue and white covers. She was intensely exhausted from that day's activities however, she did not want to lose that warm, fuzzy feeling that came only with Christmas.

Pulling the covers over her head, she whispered quietly to herself.

"Merry Christmas Ginny. Merry Christmas Ron. Merry Christmas Harry."

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