In Perpetuum [Harry Potter]

COMPLETED: Harry Potter Fanfiction. Hermione is sent back in time to the Marauder's Era. What will happen when she does not have Harry around to provide information and clues about Voldemort? Some Lily/James, Remus/OC.


27. Quid fiery valeat




After all the goodbyes had been said and the guests had gone home, Hermione had retreated to the soft glow of her bedroom and reflected on the night she had had.

True enough it had begun as something terrible, in spite of this, it had been a wonderful source of memories for her to look back on.

Her lips tingled at the mere memory of Sirius and herself kissing. It had been warm and tender. Full of passion. In short, it was amazing.

In a couple of weeks there was a Hogsmeade weekend and Hermione and Sirius had already agreed to spend the time together. Of course, they would also be going back to Hogwarts together in the morning. However, she decided that tomorrow was not soon enough.

After pulling on her pyjamas – a pale green tank with silky soft, white pants – she tiptoed softly so that the polished wooden floors would not creak, until she reached the end of the corridor. The lamps that were high above on the walls were not on, owing to the fact that all the occupants of the house had retreated to bed, so she kept the fingertips of one hand gliding across the walls so that she would know where she was at all times.

When she reached the end of the corridor she was faced with two doors. From behind one she could hear the not so quiet snores of Peter, whom was sharing a room with Remus. Hermione's heart went out the Remus who always took on the most tedious and lack-lustre jobs without complaint. Not only was he (and the others) forced to share a dormitory with Peter at Hogwarts, but even when they were away from Hogwarts he had to put up with him. She resolved to make it up to him, but for now her attention was focused on Sirius.

She moved towards the door that was next to Remus and Peter's. There was no sound coming from the other side of it, but undeterred Hermione carefully turned the knob. Sirius had claimed this bedroom as his even before they all had started at Hogwarts together. Making as little sound as possible she moved swiftly across the room to the enormous four-poster bed in the middle of the room.

She opened the door, flinching slightly at any small noise that was made by the door, to find a dark grey mass spread out under the normally gold coloured covers of the bed. As her eyes adjusted to the lack of light in the room she saw that the lump in the middle was Sirius and that he was lying down, sprawled out on his back. She watched as his chest rose and fell a few times as he breathed out of his slightly agape mouth.

Hermione crept across the room and slid neatly under the covers. She sidled up next to Sirius, leaning into his body for warmth. She felt his arms wrap around her frame and pull her in closer whilst he mumbled incoherently in his sleep.

Hermione took this as a good sign and was sound asleep within moments of her head hitting the pillow.


It was the incessant chirruping of the birds and the intense glare of sunlight, which was perfectly positioned on Hermione's face, that would wake her.

Moving into position for her usual body stretch, she was momentarily confused by a warm weight that was holding her body into place.

Looking around at the red and gold decor of the room she recognised where she was.

She felt Sirius stir next to her. She wondered if he was aware that she had invaded his bed in the dead of the night.

He had not seemed entirely lucid or at all articulate last night when she came in and she was worried that he would be confused an think of her sudden appearance as an intrusion of privacy.

She was in the process of thinking of an escape route when she heard a voice buzz into her ear.

"Good morning beautiful."

He nuzzled his face in towards her so that he could place a kiss on her forehead. He evidently was not confused at her sudden emergence in his bed. Hermione was not complaining.

"Good morning," she replied, relaxing into his arms.

"Do you know," said Sirius with a cheeky grin plastered across his face, "that I had the most wonderful dream that a gorgeous looking princess came into my room last night and decided to spend the night in my bed, without my having done anything to get her in there?"

Hermione chuckled lightly at this.

"Sounds like you're still dreaming," she teased.

"Best dream ever," said Sirius with his eyes still closed while a faint pink blossomed across Hermione's face and neck.

Hermione eased herself out of Sirius' arms and finally managed to stretch.

"We had better get dressed and go down to breakfast before someone comes looking and thinks we are in a compromising position."

Hermione retreated to her own bedroom to get change while leaving Sirius alone in his room so that he too could get changed.

They met at the top of the stairs and descended together, hand in hand, to the dining room below.

When they reached the room they saw that they were the last people down and that everyone else had begun to eat.

Hermione had begun to eat when she heard James speak to her from across the table.

"Mione, I went to your room this morning to find you, but you weren't there. Where have you been all this time?"

He spoke innocently, but his face told a different story.

"I must had just been in the bathroom," mumbled Hermione, who immediately looked over to her parents to see if they had heard.

Pops merely turned the page of the morning delivery of the 'Prophet', however Hermione turned just in time to see Ma lift her delicate brow.

Hermione blushed once more and quickly averted her eyes back down to her own plate of scrambled eggs. After a minute of concentrating on her breakfast she snuck a look over at Sirius who was unconcernedly working his way through several sausages, eggs, toast and bacon.

Hermione twisted her mouth in a disparaging manner, but said nothing.


"Whatcha doing?"

Hermione sat down next to Sirius just as he was hastily stowing away some pages of parchment.

"Oh...nothing," he said a little too quickly.

"Really?" said Hermione in a teasing tone, "by the way that you put those pages out of sight so quickly, one might be tempted to think that you were up to something".

Hermione pounced across Sirius' lap in an effort to grab the pages, however, Sirius' arms, thanks to his most recent growth spurt, were considerably longer than his girlfriend's. However, his arms were not adequate enough to cover the title of the book. Even though the gold leaf was peeling away in places, Hermione could just about make out the letters.


She stared at it for a full second before the clues clicked into place.


"Yes, that's what it says."

Excitement bubbled up inside Hermione. This was so much more than what she had hoped for. Usually she would have to spell it out for them, but she was considerably impressed that she did not have to put the effort in this time. It was getting a bit weary. Although, in their defence, they were quite good at stringing the clues together when provided with the proper information.

Hermione, of course, was not yet supposed to know about their animagi abilities, and so she posed the necessary questions.

"We don't do human transfiguration until next year. Why do you have an animagi textbook?"

Sirius made a special effort of piling the books and pages on top of one another, and he spoke slowly. Hermione was unsure why he was taking so long to answer her. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that becoming an unregistered animagus was very, very illegal and Hermione was very, very law-abiding.

She could not help but wallow in her own self-consciousness at this thought, and wonder that despite all that happened to her, people still saw her as the prudish bookworm she used to be.

Realising that Sirius had started to speak, Hermione hastily re-arranged her features to an expression of mild interest and curiosity.

"Well," said Sirius, still biding his time, "It is all because James had this idea that we could broaden our horizons and our education. We feel as though Hogwarts is limiting out magical studies."

He paused for a moment, not knowing how to phrase his next words. Hermione took this opportunity to interject and say it for him.

"And so you have decided to learn to become animagi to 'stretch your magical talent' and sneak around the castle at night?"

"I wouldn't have said it in as many words, but yeah, that's the gist of it."

Sirius watched Hermione's face intently, trying to gauge a reaction. Hermione, on the other hand, attempted to show no emotion at all, however, it did not last long.

Her face broke out into a massive grin.

"I think it's a wonderful idea!"

The most dumbfounded expression was poised on Sirius' face.

"Really? You actually think it's a good idea?"

"I think it's a great idea," said Hermione, still beaming.

"Even though we are probably breaking a thousand and one rules to do it?"

"You could be breaking a million and one rules and I would still love it."

"Wow," said Sirius, still in a slight state of shock that his rule-loving girlfriend was willing him to do something that was not only very illegal, but potentially detrimental to his physical and mental self.

It was at times like this that Sirius counted his blessings and realised how lucky he was to have a girl like his Hermione.

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