In Perpetuum [Harry Potter]

COMPLETED: Harry Potter Fanfiction. Hermione is sent back in time to the Marauder's Era. What will happen when she does not have Harry around to provide information and clues about Voldemort? Some Lily/James, Remus/OC.


50. Quamdiu vixerit et




It was Hermione and Sirius' turn to cook dinner in the flat, and both could be found in the kitchen, in the process of preparing the food. Hermione was chopping vegetables, without magic, and Sirius was sitting at the nearby dining table with a Butterbeer in his hand, while magic did all of the hard work for him.

All was coming along nicely until Hermione got the fright of her life and nearly sliced her thumb off from her hand. Sirius jumped up in an instant and rushed to his girlfriend's side.

A tiger patronus had suddenly descended into their kitchen. It opened its mouth to speak and Marlene McKinnon's voice issued forth from the swirling silver.

"Help, come quick. Death Eaters attacking Godric's Hollow!"

Remus and Lily had been sitting in the lounge room and heard the message, clear as day. They immediately sparked themselves into action, calling out for their better halves to do the same.

Grasping each other's hands, they stepped out of the front door, past the anti-apparition wards, and they apparated themselves to Godric's Hollow. They did not given themselves, or what they were about to face, another thought.


Hermione's feet hit the ground heavily, and she heard the others' feet do the same.

The first sight that greeted them was fire and a thick wall of smoke. Disregarding the constricting feeling in her lungs, Hermione immediately rushed forth shouting 'aguamenti', to extinguish the blaze. She did not know who the house belonged to, but fortunately, there was only a small section of it that was destroyed by the flames.

When Hermione turned around, she saw that in the time that they had fought the fire, a full battle had already begun. The Death Eaters had called for back-up, now there were dozens of fighters duelling, quite literally for their lives.

This was no ordinary mission that the Death Eaters were on. They were not here for pleasure or for fun. They were here on Voldemort's orders.

People from the village, no longer feeling the safety of their homes, had come out with their wands drawn, ready to help and defend in any way that they could.

Hermione felt Sirius let go of her hand that he had been gripping and ran over to James, who had begun to duel with a Death Eater. Coloured jets of light escaped their wands in an effort to gain the upper hand. One of the spells hit the Death Eater's mask, shattering it and inadvertently revealing his face. Blonde hair and rat-like teeth were bared.

"WORMTAIL!" bellowed James.

Wormtail flinched and cowered at the sound of his former best-friend's recognition of him.

James' wand slashed through the air multiple times in quick succession in the direction of Peter, not pausing for even a second.

"I've been meaning to talk to you, Wormtail. I want to repay you for your 'marvelous' friendship'."

Peter ducked to avoid a violet coloured jet of light.

Sirius was now snarling at Peter while red, and orange bullets of light whizzed above their heads and around them.

"Come on, Wormy, you wouldn't want to miss out on the chance to see your old friends, now, would you?"

He too aimed a few jinxes at Peter. Although Peter had much practice at magic, especially duelling, since he had left Hogwarts, he knew that he was no match for his opponents. He did the only thing that he thought he could do: he ran for it.

"Coward!" shouted James after him.

As James shouted this, a few bright green jets of light shot out from the side.

Aberforth Dumbledore and Arthur Weasley were fighting against Travers, who was trying his best to deflect the curses. Fortunately each of Travers' curses had missed their intended targets.

As Peter ran down the main road of Godric's Hollow, he was hit by one of the stray green spells. His feet collapsed from under him and he tumbled to the ground, his body coming to a halt at the side of the road.

Arthur turned and shouted to James and Sirius, in a slightly frightened voice.

"Was that one of ours?"

"No," James shouted back, his voice laced with venom.

Sirius turned back to the point where he had last seen Hermione. Obviously she was no longer there. He searched for a few more minutes, as best as he could in the dark, before he spotted her shooting a stunning spell towards Fenrir Greyback.

His thick hide, hardened from so many years of being a werewolf, absorbed most of the shock and the spell did not incapacitate him too much, however Hermione's spell was powerful enough that he was shot backwards into another Death Eater, knocking him to the ground.

"Where is everyone else?" panted Hermione, "Are they okay?"

Sirius' usually sparkling grey eyes looked up at his love's brown eyes. He wanted to alleviate the fear, but the truth was he just did not know how.

He did not know where the others were. He did not know if they were safe. He did not even know why they were fighting.

"Our best bet is to try and find either Heloise, Marlene or Alice. Maybe they can give us a bit more information..."

Just as Sirius said that, Marlene came running up, a young girl with curly blonde hair and thin, shaking limbs was firmly grasped in one hand, while a slightly older girl with a similar appearance was following closely behind.

"Hermione! Sirius! The Death Eaters..." she said quickly, trying to catch her breath, "they're coming for us. For me, and my parents, and my brother and sisters. They want You have to help us...hide them...keep them safe."

Marlene spoke all of this in a rush whilst beckoning Sirius and Hermione over crouch behind a bush so that they would not be seen.

"Are these your sisters?" said Hermione briskly, trying to evaluate the situation despite the skint details.

Marlene nodded before indicating to the elder of the blonde girls.

"This is Lisette, she's fourteen and too young to fight."

She turned her head to the girl whose hand she was holding.

"This is Della. She's only ten! It's not fair!"

Hermione's logical brain immediately took over.

"You said you had a brother."

"Wilbur...but he's older than I am...he wants to stay and fight. What's important is that my little sisters are safe."

Marlene's voice was nearing hysterics at this point, and Sirius interjected to save her sanity.

"I can side-along them to our flat. The Death Eaters won't think to go there, and even if they do it is heavily warded. It'll be a safe place for them to stay until we can sort this out."

Marlene was all but sobbing her thanks to Sirius. She whispered a few comforting words to her sisters, and told them to grasp onto Sirius. She said that she would be back for them soon.

She hugged Sirius and told him to keep himself safe as well.

With a grimace to Hermione and the promise that he would be back soon, he turned on the spot, talking the girls with him to their Diagon Alley home.

Hermione and Marlene squatted behind the bush for a few more moments while they waited for Sirius to return. In the intervening moments, Marlene let out a squeak.

Hermione turned just in time to see a Death Eater pull back the left sleeve of his robes. A single finger touched the dark mark that was burned into his skin.

"They've sent for him," Hermione moaned to Marlene.

"What do you mean?" asked Marlene, her voice high, but also completely bewildered by Hermione's comment.

"Voldemort's coming," Hermione all but cried to Marlene, begging her to understand he words, "whatever the Death Eaters want with you and your family– it's not being done fast enough. They want him here to finish the job quickly."

Hermione could not bring herself to verbally contemplate the death of her friends, and while she had stopped speaking, her eyes were darting about, peering as far as they could into the darkness. Looking for any sign of spells that would be coming in their direction.

"Oh," was all that Marlene was able to express as Hermione dragged her away from the bush, and moved her to sit behind a low garden wall.

The walls of the houses had begun to crumble as stray spells hit them repeatedly, and the fighting situation had also begun to deteriorate in a similar manner.

The members of the Order of the Phoenix had been called and were outnumbering Death Eaters, but only slightly.

Many of the Death Eaters were young, nimble and well-trained in combat, as opposed to the slightly older members of the Order. The Death Eaters were also more willing to hurl an 'Avada Kedavra' at you, which gave them a bit on an edge.

Before Hermione could get another thought into her already crammed head, Sirius apparated a short distance away.

Curses were flying everywhere, and Hermione tentatively stood from her place to let Sirius know where she and Marlene had moved to.

The trio began to secretly fire curses from their hidden position, while Marlene quickly filled in Sirius with what had happened since he had left. Shortly after they started this, Remus became visible, having just run around the corner from a side street, back onto the main road. He was running after Yaxley, who himself was running so fast, he may as well have been apparating. He was shooting curses from over his shoulder. One of them skimmed passed, just hitting Remus in the shoulder, but it was not too powerful and he was able to shake it off.

Sirius shouted out to him.

"Where's Estrella?"

Remus shrugged his shoulder and shook his head.

"With Lily," was all that he was managed to get out in-between gasps for breath.

"Where's Lily?" said Hermione to the others, her voice full of worry, "Where's James?"

Voldemort could appear at any second, she needed to know that they were alright. She had to warn them about Voldemort.

As Hermione thought these fears, she saw several adults and what appeared to be their children, people from the village, being hoisted up into the air by their ankles. The face of the little boy was bright red and swollen with tears. He was shouting hysterically amidst tears for the woman that was hanging near him, "Mummy! Make them stop! MAKE THEM STOP! It hurts! I'll never be naughty again..."

"NO!" shouted Hermione, running out from her hiding place and aiming a particularly powerful jinx at the offending supporters of Voldemort.

It hit a woman Death Eater, but it did not even knock her over. However, the people in the air tumbled towards Earth and would have been killed if it wasn't for the cushioning charm that Hermione had used to save them.

The woman turned, her black hair and heavily lidded eyes seemed familiar, but it was only when she sent a 'Crucio' towards Hermione that she recalled who this woman was.

Bellatrix lifted the curse from Hermione. It had been particularly powerful, and Hermione's limbs were still twitching as she lay on the ground when it had been removed. Out of the corner of her eyes, Hermione saw a stunning spell, quickly followed by 'Petrificus Totalus' that was being hurled in Bellatrix's direction. As she turned her head, she saw the stunning spell miss, but the body-bind curse hit it's mark with incredibly satisfying accuracy.

Hermione felt a warm pair of hand gently lift her, and she recognised Lily's voice buzzing in her ear.

"It's alright, Mione, you're safe."

Hermione helped Lily lift her from the ground, using this chance to whisper into her ear.

"They've summoned Him, He's on his way."

Lily did not need telling twice.

"Warn the others," was all that she was able to say before an enormous explosion roared somewhere behind them.

The entire side of a house had been completely and utterly destroyed. The very house that Lily and James had been looking at over the past few weeks to move into. Hermione felt Lily's grip leave her as she ran off in one direction, checking to see if everyone in that area was alright.

Hermione ran in the opposite direction to her, despite the fact that she could hardly see a thing in the almost impenetrable darkness.

An enormous cloud of white enveloped all the fighters as the bricks of the nearest wall continued to fall under the weight of multiple stunning spells. The dust was intermittently illuminated by the weight of the spells and Hermione had to simultaneously run and hold her breath to prevent the dust from entering her lungs. 

Brain and body screaming for oxygen, Hermione heard several pained shrieks and hoped that no one on their side was injured. It took several minutes for the dust to clear, so powerful had the explosion been. She did not know where the others were previous to it (sans Lily), and this made them all the more difficult to find after it.

Finally Hermione was able to spot a small huddle on the ground that she knew to be Remus.

His body was bent over and visible shaking. Hermione went and put a hand to his shoulder to console him, but when she saw what, or rather who he was bent over, her own heart leaped into her throat.

No words could describe the raw pain that she was feeling, because it was Estrella that Remus was huddled over. She was lying in a pool of blood so dark, it looked almost black against the cobble stones of the street.

Remus looked up at Hermione, his eyes wide and framed with tears that were threatening to spill over his bottom lids. It was these eyes that looked up at Hermione and silently begged that Estrella would be alright, that she would make it.

Tears prickled behind Hermione's own eyelids and she bit down on her bottom lip to stop it from quivering, as she took in Estrella's glassy eyes and peaceful expression. Gulping down her own emotions, she shook her head at Remus.

Remus had never wanted Hermione to be more wrong than he did right at this very moment. He wanted her to contradict herself, and to take it back. When she didn't he let out an animalistic howl, cradling Estrella's limp body in his arms, covered in her blood.

Hermione looked away. She couldn't bear it and she felt bile rise up in her throat against her own will. She couldn't swallow it back down and she ran over to the nearest bush, stomach heaving until there was nothing left inside her.

When Hermione returned and the initial shock had dissipated she saw the puncture wounds and bite marks that covered Estrella's limbs. On some places there was flesh that was obviously missing, and blood continued to ooze from these places - despite the fact that her heart had stopped beating - onto Remus' hands and clothes. She had not been harmed by the blast. She had already been dead when it happened.

Hermione followed these wounds up her body all the way to her neck. She held back a sob when she saw the opal and moonstone necklace glittering by the light of the moon.

Her heart broke in two and the tears streamed freely, flowing down her face as she saw Remus reach up with one shaking hand to gently finger the stones.

She watched him reach into his pocket with his free hand and pull out a small, black velvet box. Gently he lifted the lid of the box and Hermione saw a flash of light pass underneath her eyes.

Remus appeared to be taking the necklace from Estrella's neck. It was onto this necklace that he threaded the shiny object from the box, and it was only when he moved away that Hermione saw it for what it was: a diamond engagement ring.

"Oh, Remus," sobbed Hermione, her voice breaking as she knelt down beside him. She willed her arms to move into a comforting embrace around Remus' body. This whole time he had not let go of Estrella as he looped the necklace back around her neck, and fastened it at the back.

Despite herself, Hermione forced herself to speak.

"Remus, we need to move her; we need to get her away from the fighting."

Remus thankfully did not object and he lifted her up in his arms, as a husband would carry his wife over the threshold of their home. He placed the most gentle of kisses on her forehead as his tears ran down her face, creating clean streaks amongst the blood and dirt.

"I love you so much," he whispered over and over again to Estrella's lifeless body.

He set her down by the side of a nearby house, between a cluster of Gardenia plants, with the promise that he would return for her soon.

They weaved their way through other bodies that also lay on the ground, bloodied and disfigured. Even in death they could not be at peace.

'So many bodies..." thought Hermione with great sadness, thinking of those children who would live without a mother or father, sister or brother. She thought of the parents who were now without children, or friends.

Remus finally turned to Hermione and spoke. It was with such a menacing tone that Hermione flinched.

"Let's go kill some Death Eaters."


Hermione had been forced to abandon Remus as they rejoined the fight. Voldemort had appeared, and Hermione did not need a lightening-shaped scar to feel it.

His billowing black robes were not visible against the black of the night sky, but the deathly pale skin and blood-red eyes stood out, making him appear dismembered and demonic.

All of the fighters, whether they were Death Eaters or members of the Order, stood around in silence. Each and every one of them was afraid of what was to come next.

With the temerity of a Gryffindor, and the spirit of those that she loved, Hermione stepped forth to announce her presence to the Dark Lord. She looked at him with intense loathing and contempt, while others looked in terror, sure that this young woman would be killed within an instant, and that they would be forced to be witness to it. Some thought that she would be lucky to be killed in an instant. It would be more likely that she could be tortured and made an example of.

Hermione wanted it to be over as quickly as possible. She did not want the theatrics of it all. She was dizzy with a combination of exhaustion and hunger. She was almost consumed with a hatred that had had fourteen years to fester within her.

She had been forced to relive dangerous and devastating memories. She had been forced to watch as many of those that she loved were killed at the hand of this monster, even when she had done all that she could to prevent it.

The time had come for her to look the creature in the eye and destroy him once and for all.

"It's over Tom," snarled Hermione.

Tom Riddle looked back at Hermione with something that she had never seen in those eyes: fear. With the use of his birth name, he was aware that she knew his story and that she had destroyed the horcruxs.

As Hermione started into the crimson, snake-like eyes with revulsion, she knew that this was it.

She had to kill, or be killed.

With the greatest strength that it had ever cost her, she threw the unfamiliar words from her lips, aiming her wand at her utterly mortal enemy.


Voldemort did not even have the chance to respond and his body hit the ground, arms splayed to either side. A shell of his former self.

Hermione thought of Remus and Estrella, of James, Lily and Sirius. Of Harry and Ron and Ginny. She saw Mr and Mrs Weasley peering at her from where they stood at the edge of the crowd, looks of astonishment and disbelief. She thought of Ma and Pops, and how she loved them with all her heart for all they had had to put up with when it came to their daughter. The daughter they were so close to never even having.

By coming back in time Hermione had finally accomplished her job. She had saved the lives of those she would grow to love, but at the same time she had endangered and lost so many lives that she already loved.

Grief invaded her being and seeped out of her every pore. Energy completely depleted, Hermione dropped her vine wand to the ground. Her knees buckled under the weight of recent events, and she blacked out.

The last thing that she felt was Sirius' warm hands grasp her under her arms, preventing her head from hitting the rocky ground.

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